(PHOTOBOOK) Airi Suzuki - Airi-aL Translation (Part 4)

Q1. What is the name "Airi" coming from?
It seems to mean "The child (who will be) loved by anyone".

Q2. The nicknames that you had?
Airi-chan, Ai-chan.

Q3. The first CD you bought
A SPEED album. I don't remember the title but I think the members were wearing jackets on all of the covers.

Q4. If you should compare yourself to an animal?
People often tell me I look like a sea otter. We love to eat and are pretty slow (lol)

Q5. Your favorite word or quote?
My favorite word is "ありがとう” (Thank you)
My motto is "一音入魂” (Put your whole heart and soul into one note of music)

Q6. Do you have a regular routine?
Eat 3 meals a day without exception.
Also drink a lot of milk, especially the Meiji R-1.

Q7. Do you prefer toast or rice for breakfast?
Natto, eggs, chicken and rice! There's nothing better for breakfast!!

Q8. Do you think about something special to put yourself to sleep?
There is nothing special. On the contrary, my problem is that I fall asleep absolutely anywhere, so I do everything I can to stay awake.

Q9. Are ou and outdoor or indoor person?
I used to be an indoor person. Now, I really want to go out and have fun, but I always end up staying at home... (lol)

Q10. Are you superstitious?
Yeah, for exemple I'll tell myself "If I can cross this road before the sign lights, today will be a good day" (lol) These superstitions are always linked to something trivial, aren't they?

Q12. Do you believe in fate?
Yes I do! My parents always told me they thought "Ah, this is the person I'm going to marry" when they met each other. I think everything is pre-determined since even before I was born. I think I like to sing because I was born this way.

Q12. The place you'd like to go now?
I would like to go somewhere I can be with my family! My father has his games, my little brother his external activities, and I have my job so it's really rare for us to be together...

Q13. Your favorite books
Yamada Yuusuke's novels

Q14. Your favorite manga or anime?
"Piece". When I was picked to play in the drama, I've read the book and I fell in love with the story. I still haven't finished it yet, but please check it out if you didn't read the manga yet!

Q15. The TV show you like?
I usually like the music programs. Besides that, "Shimura Ken no Bakatonosama".

Q16. Is there a dish you're really good at doing?
Scrambled eggs that my mother taught me to cook. That's a Suzuki family's recipe.

Q17. The part of your body you love the most?
My eyelashes, they're longer and thicker than other peoples.

Q18. The parts you hate?
There are a lot! Too much to list but if I had to pick one, that'd be my feet nails, they look like dango (laughs) It hurts... !

Q19. Tell us what you're into lately?
w closet's clothes. The obsession is spreading among °C-ute ! (lol)

Q20. Dog person or cat person?
I'm slow so I'm more like a cat, but my optimism makes me look like a dog, don't you think?

Q21. Your best pun?
“Maccha ni hamacchata” (I became addicted to green tea!)

Q22. Things you always take with you when you go out?
My iPhone, my iPod touch, water, my glasses, my diary, my make-up... Files when I go to school! I always have a lot of things to carry (lol)

Q23. Your favorite colors?
Beige, light brown... Green and rubis color.

Q24. Between being told you're cute or pretty, which one do you like the most?
Being cute.

Q25. Do you use a perfume? 
Lanvin's Éclat d'Arpège. I use three perfume.

Q26. How long does it takes for you to prepare in the morning?
As I don't do anything beside my hair, I need at least 30 minutes to use my iron.

Q27. The best thing that happened to you until now?
Meeting °C-ute members or being born in this family... It's always a dilemma, I cannot pick between these two.

Q28. The person who had the biggest impact in your life until now?
My mother!

Q29. Talking about your mother, what's her special dish?
I love my mother's cooking, I cannot pick one!

Q30. What makes you happy?
Tasting local food, or this incredible happiness when I drink green tea after a live performance!

Q31. What are you like in real life as a friend?
The highschooler I am is somebody who's facing things straight and cannot be taken away from your daily life.

Q32. Until now, have you ever had a period you were very popular with the opposite sex?
They say it happens only 3 times in a lifetime right? I think it's already passed, it was in primary school.

Q33. Do you have any idea when the next one will be?
I don't knowー!

Q34. Your favorite place to relax?
My house

Q35. If somebody asked you to make a band, which part would you occupy?
Singer and guitarist!

Q36. Is there something that make you think you want to stop your job as an Idol?
There are times where I thought "I cannot do this" but from the bottom of my heart, there hasn't been a single day I thought I want to quit.

Q37. Who's your rival?
Since many years, I continue to believe I'm my own rival.

Q38. If you won lottery, what would you do?
Save half of it, and the other half I would use it to build a house for my parents in Hokkaidô!!

Q39. If you would use magic, what would you do?
Stop time. As my last day as an highschooler is coming soon, I would like to take the time to appreciate each day.

Q40. If you could become a man for a day, what would you like to do?
As a man, I'd like to try the fashion and sport.

Q41. Few words to your past self?
A lot of things are going to happen from now on, so spend many time as you can with your family (lol)

Q42. Where will you be in 10 years?
I'd like to live a life where I can sing, related to music. I always say I don't want to marry, but I wonder what will happen (lol)

Q43. What's your definition of "Idol"?
To me, Showa Idols are a presence which cannot be topped. As to me, I try to be as normal as possible, while experimenting happy and painful memories. I'd like to be seen as somebody to whom you can relate. People's Idol, like that (lol)