(PHOTOBOOK) Airi Suzuki - Airi-aL Translation (Part 6)

1. The white scarf sailor fuku I got to wear for my photobook "Meguru Haru"! As I never had the opportunity to wear this kind of uniform during my school days, I'm charmed by this basic style!

2. This one is my favorite! As I heard that the cardigan-over-uniform style is the most popular among guys, I'm glad I got to wear it last.

3. This one is like my dream uniform. Classic, stylish and distinguished. This is the type of uniform you have to wear with class.

4. Removing the blazer and showing the vest is also a great way to wear it, isn't it? Rolling up your shirt's sleeves makes a great balance with the big necktie.

5. This one looks like a uniform of a great private school! The coordination of the gray jacket and the red skirt is good. The variation of colors you can put by changing the ribbon is also great.

6. The type of uniform you could see in a drama. The striped-shirt is really stylish, and I love the coordinated brown skirt too.

7. To me, the shirt of a uniform must always be inside the skirt, so it was the first time I put on this type of style. I never experienced it in real life.

8. If I wore a yellow hat, it would look like a kindergarden's uniform! (lol) The socks are dark grey. If I wore black thights, it would look like the uniform of a princess's high school.

9. As my school year ended, this is the type of uniform I cannot wear anymore! This red scarf on a white top classic style, I'm glad I got to wear it!

10. I have a uniform skirt given by Saki SHIMIZU-san which looks similar to this one! Rolling up the shirts' sleeves is the typical Airi style!

11. I never got to wear a white socks and white sneakers type of uniform. The blue ribbon gives-off a summer vibe, and it looks like a rural school uniform which is cute, I guess?