(PHOTOBOOK) Airi Suzuki - Airi-aL Translation (Part 8)

Some time ago, people used to say "Airi Suzuki = Oishii face". I love to eat! I love delicious food! People were really surprised I ate a lot of pizza slices during the PIZZA-LA commercial's shooting, but it seems normal to me. Pizza is delicious, after all!!

I think I can eat a lot of things because as soon as somebody talks about "food" I'm full of curiosity. I'm always eager to try out new things! If I'm curious about it, I'll eat it without hesitation!
As the only limit I put to myself is a full stomach, I eat a lot (laughs). When I go overseas for a shooting, I assure myself to eat a lof ot local food. In Taiwan it was xialongbao, nasi goreng in Indonesia, motsunabe from Hakata, rafute in Okinawa... Simply remembering these food makes me smile.

Even though there are some time I will never be able to eat something, I love to challenge it! For example, I wasn't really a fan of melonpan when I first ate it. And even though I didn't like it, I loved it when I tried it again, so now I love it. I think people who are able to taste out a lot of various things are really lucky, and that they live their life to the fullest.

In Suzuki's household, the dishes are prepared according to my father's physical condition. Our 3 meals are always prepared with balanced and healthy ingredients. I'm really grateful to my mother for that.
I make sure I take my breakfast and I always talk to her about things like "I got fat recently" or "I caught a cold." She makes really healthy lunchboxes, and put yoghurts and fruits. I think it's thanks to this I haven't got sick recently and can give my full energy into my performances!

From now on  I'd have to take care of mysef and I'd love to learn more about that. I have to, definitely!!!

My gourmet side always insists on the fact I love maccha. Lately I became Maccha Ambassador for Uji tea. I'd love to spread out maccha love!!