(PHOTOBOOK) ℃-ute - 1st Official Book Translation (Part 1)

1. Give us the origins of your name.
My parents wanted me to be a reasonable child loved by everyone.

2. Your surnames, or how you'd like to be called ?
Surnames  Airin, Airi, Osuzu, etc.
During my whole life, more people called me by my nickname than by a surname, so I just like when people call me "Airi" ^^

3. Your charm points ?
I have a lot of eyelashes! More than being long, I have a lot (lol)!!

4. Your favorite food
Rice, milk, motsunabe, buri no nitsuke, maccha tea... I can eat most of the things ♡
My favorite thing to do is to eat the speciality of the city/prefecture I'm visiting.

5. Food you dislike the most
Umeboshi, brussels sprouts

6. Your most precious treasure ?
Everybody supporting me. I wouldn't be able to do anything alone. That's what I noticed again lately.

7. The expressions you use most of the time ?
"Tashikani!!" (obviously), "Sore wa tsurai!!" (it's a bother). I have always tended to appropriate the expressions I often hear from my friends.

8. Your childhood dream ?
Becoming a singer. It's the only one I had.

9. What was your favorite food in the school restaurant ?
Pepper steak, kimchi soup, seaweed rice → I went crazy when these 3 were together.

10. Tell us about the structure of your family.
My father, my mother, my little brother and me.
Then dogs, Papy, Lucky, Merry, Clear and Win.

11. Your favorite albums ?
1. Don't Forget - Demi Lovato
2. Echo - Leona Lewis
3. We are Buono! - Buono!

12. Favorite movies ?
"Rock Academy" and "High School Musical"

13. Favorite books ?
Magic Tree House from Mary Pope Osborne → I was addicted to it from primary school !!

14. Is there something bothering you lately ?
The fact my iPod Touch charger has completely disappeared. I should borrow one from my friend.

15. Draw us a plan of your room. 
℃-ute Official Book - Enquête : 100 Questions 100 Réponses
➀ Door ➁ Wardrobe ➂ Bed
➃ Dressing ➄ Shelf ➅ Printer ➆ Bookshelf ➇ Chair ➈ Stationery ➉ Desk

16. What is the first thing you do when you get up?
Take a bath !

17. Can you tell us a secret that you haven't even revealed to members?
I would love to appear in live with the hairstyles without bangs that you advised me, but my forehead is so large compared to yours, that my complex prevents me from doing it.

18. Who has had the greatest impact in your life? And give us the reasons.
My mother. Even if I have been influenced by many great artists !! Nobody can compare to my mother. Even now, she inspires me every day.

19. Tell us about your impressions of the members the first time you saw them.
Maimi : She's so thin!!!
Nacky : This girl looks like a chickー♡
Chisa : Wow.... What an energetic girl!
Mai : So cute ーー♡♡

20. Your only way to de-stress.
Sleep, in any way I can. I don't think there is a better way to de-stress!

21. The song you often sing at karaoke ?
I have only been there a few times in my life, but it is probably Merikuri from BoA.

22. An embarrassing memory you remember?
When I said "I think, perhaps, I would not lose against anyone in terms of dance" during the audition for Hello! Project Kids. I dared to say such a thing even though I wasn't that great at dancing (lol)

23. Is there something you can't live without?
Music!! It is said that the things that are not necessary in the world are only entertainment, but of all these entertainment, I wonder if music is not the one that saves the most people.

24. You have a week off from tomorrow. What do you decide to do?
1. Take a trip with ℃-ute somewhere we can relax !!
2. Travel somewhere with my family !!

25. The day before the apocalypse, what is the last meal you want to eat?
Without hesitation, a dish cooked by my mother surrounded by all my family.

26. The television programs in which you would like to appear?
I dreamed of appearing in "Tôkyô Friend Park" (lol) Now, I would like to appear in "Shabekuri 007" or "Moshimo Tours" ♡♡♡

27. If you were born under the opposite gender, what would you like to do?
I would like to be a dynamic boy (lol) I may want to play sports, but I will certainly sing.

28. If you were a boy, who is the member you would like to date? Explain to us the reasons for this choice.
Mai. Because I think she would show me parts of her that only I would know.

29. If you were a boy, who is the member you would like to marry? Explain to us the reasons for this choice.
Maimi. I often think that we have the same values ​​and enjoy the passage of time in the same way, so I would like to make a lot of memories with her (lol).

30. Your ideal date.
A situation like in manga where I have to do a bento. I'm pretty bad in the kitchen but I will improve ^^

31. What words would you like to be told on a marriage proposal?
I don't really like romantic things ... But I would like someone to tell me something like "Always stay by my side" (lol).

32. In what spirit do you carry out your Idol work?
I try to be close to the fans without being too close. More than an "untouchable Idol" I would like to be an "Idol that we can perhaps approach"!

33. If you could meet the old Airi who is about to audition the Hello! Project Kids, what would you say to her?
"You will be surprised by how cute the others are. You better prepare yourself mentally."

34. The memory that marked you the most when you went on stage for the first time as a °C-ute member ?
Ahh, there are people who support us too.

35. What has changed the most for you since your debuted in major ?
My physical condition. I used to have a bad habit of stopping dancing to sing, but I think I'm starting to improve at this level.

36. The places where / the habits you have / the time it takes to memorize the choreographies and lyrics?
Lyrics = On the train. But I can't unfold the sheet of the lyrics of the songs on the train so I take a picture of them and I zoom in on them (lol) For the time it takes, it depends on the songs, but at least an hour. If I listen to the instrumental at the same time, my memory works very well!
Choreography = In general, at the very moment when we are taught it. Rather than watching, learning it by doing it at the same time works pretty well. If it's a new song, it takes me about three hours.

37. If you could change your official color, which one would you choose?
Hmmm ... I don't want to change it anymore (lol) But if it was possible, I would go back to green (lol)

38. Your favorite concert outfit so far?
I love all the outfits of the Treasure Box tour!

39. Things that °C-ute can't lose to other Idols?
1. The love we have for each other.
2. Our desire to get as close as possible to the fans.

40. And on the contrary, what are you missing?
Communication. It has always been a problem.

41. The funniest thing you did since you joined °C-ute?
Concerts. The DVDs where we walk and we travel are also fun to do but it's really fun to be on stage !!

42. On the contrary, what is the most difficult to live with?
The fact that we cannot really enjoy normal life in society.

43. If you had to describe how you felt when they announced your first performance at Nippon Budokan?
"WHAAAAAT ???" (lol)

44. Your next goal after the Nippon Budokan?
Definitely the Tokyo Dome. It's a huge hall but I believe in it!

45. The country where you would like to perform as °C-ute ?
USA!! ... Finally, I would like to go all over the world. But first, I want to use all of my strength here in Japan.

46. ​​The °C-ute goodies you would like to create in the future?
I would like to make more "team °C-ute" goodies !!

47. Which group songs would you recommend to boys and girls?
Boys: "Bishoujo Shinri"
Girls: "3ban home 3ryoume"

48. It has been decided that you will have a solo career starting with a cover of a Hello! Project!. What title do you choose?
"Sayonara no LOVE SONG". It's the first solo I had at a concert so it's a really important song for me.

49. The song you love to do in concert?
"Dance de Bakoon!". It's pretty standard but an important song !!

50. Songs that are actually very difficult to sing?
"LALALA Shiawase no Uta" and "Meguru Koi no Kisetsu" ...

51. The song that makes you think "this is really °C-ute"?
"Iza, Susume! Steady go!"

52. Rank the members from the most careful to the most messy.
Nacky → Me → Maimi → Chisato → Mai

53. Classify them according to the degree of naturalness?
Maimi → Me → Mai → Chisato → Nacky

54. From the most masculine to the most feminine?
Maimi → Me → Mai → Nacky → Chisato

55. The things that surprised you the most compared to the members lately?
We re-measured the size of Mai. She only grew one centimeter ??? !!!

56. The strengths and weaknesses of each member?
Maimi: She is very good at finding the qualities of others / She can't do several things at the same time (lol)
Nacky: Can she keep track of what she's planning / the fact that she has pretty drastic mood swings? (lol)
Chisato: She can follow others / She is often late (lol)
Mai : She knows how to be very serious in crucial moments / Her emotions shows too much on her face (lol)

57. What things would you like to arrange with other members?
Maimi: The fact that she breaks way too much things (lol)
Saki: The fact that she thinks she's singing badly! Because I love her voice ... (^^)
Chisato: Her bad habit of taking other people's belongings as if it were hers (lol)
Mai: The fact that she often walks on other people's business (lol)

58. What other members have managed to change in you?
There are too many things, really. Even during difficult times, I think "I am happy to be a member of ℃ -ute".

59. Describe what members mean to you!
Maimi: A sister
Saki: A presence we can count on
Chisato: My comrade
Mai: Someone I can talk to

60. What kind of dreams do you have?
Right now I sleep without dreams, but before I often had a dream where I ran in a tunnel that was barely my height and that I was crushed by a giant ball that followed me (lol)

61. Your somewhat particular weakness?
I'm ticklish everywhere except my feet (lol)

62. Is there something you won't lose face against anyone?
The horizontal jumps!

63. If you could reward yourself, what would you give yourself?
A day of rest (lol) !!

64. Is there anything that has made you very happy lately?
One day while shopping I was told "This is the last copy".

65. And on the contrary, a time when you thought "Ah ... I'm really unlucky"?
If you say to yourself "I am unlucky" then it will surely be the case so I prefer to say to myself "It's fate!".

66. A person you admire? Explain the reasons.
For artists, I would say FUNKY MONKEY BABYS. Like them, I would like to become an artist who sings songs that moves people!

67. Something you bought recently and are addicted to?
The vintage earrings that I bought in Paris !! They said they were from 1950 !! Too lucky ♡

68. What do you wear as clothing when you are at home?
A slightly loose dressing gown.

69. The things that you always carry in your bag?
There are too many (lol) My Frixion pen, my notebook, my pouchs, different chargers, my makeup, my iPhone and iPod Touch, handkerchiefs, masks, my agenda, my wallet, my transport card, a toothbrush ... etc.

70. The rule that you respect when you wear makeup?
I put very little foundation !! And I try to lengthen my eyelashes as much as possible !!

71. What do you wash first when you take the bath?
My hair.

72. Your favorite season?
Spring! I like the light breeze.

73. Your sleep time in general?
5 hours.

74. Do you have superstitions?
I make a lot of small assumptions to attract luck. Like "If I manage to cross this pedestrian crossing before the traffic light turns red, today will be a good day" (lol)

75. The thing you always do before sleep?
Charge my iPhone ??

76. Your complexes?
I have too many ...
My calves are small, I don't like the appearance of my body etc. But I reassure myself by remembering the lyrics of "Seventeen's Vow".

77. What do you think represents the image of a "good girl"?
The kind of girl who cooks when she invites people over to her house. And regarding appearance, I would say the actress Ryoko SHINOHARA.

78. What is your little beauty secret?
Do not put too much milk-based lotion! Use micellar water instead.

79. What is the thing that you often think about lately?
The first thing that comes to my mind is "Why are we walking? Humans are great ...".

80. Things you are secretly addicted to?
New products from Starbucks. As always, yes (lol)

81. Do you have best friends?
Yes!! I will always cherish them.

82. How do you reconcile with your friends when you argue?
Maybe on the phone? But I don't often argue with them ...

83. When are you most excited?
I go crazy when I am very tired and I smell the dinner awaiting me !!

84. When was the last time you cried? Why?
I burst into tears while watching "Titanic" on the plane to go to France ...

85. The biggest misconception of your life?
I always believed that zaru soba and mori soba were the same thing ... In fact it all depends on whether there are nori leaves on the noodles or not (lol)

86. When you eat, do you save what you prefer for the end or eat it right away?
I do both. I eat first and leave a little bit for the end !!

87. Where do you feel best?
At home, at the dining table.

88. Do you have a certain fetish?
The smell. And the collarbones (lol)

89. Share a little pleasure in your life?
When I go to Mos Burger instead of going to McDonald's.

90. Do you know an urban legend?
If you pull your lashes out, it will grow twice as long.

91. What role do you have in °C-ute ?
The reflexology teacher! Or the health representative ... (lol)

92. If you organized a party with °C-ute, what would you bring back?
The Suzuki family's homemade karaage !! Or the chicken wings with basil!

93. What kind of congratulations do you like to receive?
"It's something that only Airi can do!"

94. Your favorite word?
"Thank you"
Whatever I do, I would like to keep that feeling of gratitude. It's even better if I can say it in words.

95. Your rival?
Myself. Before targeting a target, I have to fight with my weak points.

96. You can say whatever you want there, go for it!
I love to eat so I often talk about food, sorry ... But there are other things I think about !! (lol)

97. If you had not become a member of °C-ute what would you be doing now?
I think I would have liked to sing but ... I would probably play golf (lol)

98. The thing that fans told you that most impressed you?
"I was saved by your voice."
I was really happy and wanted to do my best.

99. A word for the fans?
Thank you for your support!! I am really very happy to have been able to meet you all, and to spend each day as a team! In the future, let's continue to do our best for our respective dreams !! We are here because you are here, so we are counting on your support.

100. Even if you were reborn, would you like to become a member of °C-ute again?
Definitely !!!! Let me become one !!!! I am very happy to be part of °C-ute. I love them !!!!