(TRANSLATION) Airi SUZUKI for Idol Mou Icchou (08.10.2016)

(MC : Miki GONOHE / MC : Nakajima-san / Guest : Airi SUZUKI / Guest 2 : Sasamori-san)


M: Here's today's guest, ℃-ute's Suzuki Airi !

A (laughs) : Nice to meet you, I'm Airi SUZUKI.
N: Did you know about "Idol mou iccho"?
A: Ah, I know the show ! Many Hello! Project members were invited as guest so I thought "My time has come !".

N: In fact, I have to talk about a lot of things but... You're a great Idol... I can't talk smoothly in front of you !
A : What are you saying, stop !

M: I'm sorry to ask you one more time but...
A: Yes !
M: Can you introduce yourself for a longer time in front of the camera ?
A: Yes, of course ! I'm Airi SUZUKI from °C-ute ! I'm 22. I was born on April 12. My bloodtype is B. I'm in the last year of college. I'm an exclusive model for "Ray" magazine and a model for the kimono brand "Suzunoya". Lately, my mother's teaching me how to save leftover food in the fridge !  Besides that, I like milk.

M (laughs) : Thank you !
N: Sorry, because we don't have much time but... The other day, Juice=Juice's KANAZAWA Tomoko came and talked about your speech problem...
A: Ohh..
N: Can you tell us more about it ?
A : No, I'm sorry but I don't know what you're talking about, I have absolutely no problem to talk, my speech is very smooth.
N: She talked very seriously about your problem though...
A: I wonder why...

N: So you don't have a problem with that, for real ?
A: Yes, I do. In fact, I'm somebody who start to speak very fast when she's excited. And I have trouble to articulate. My father has the same problem, and my mother speaks too fast, so I'm a mix of those two. But lately, I started my own radio show, and I have to talk alone, so I trained to speak smoothly...

A: It really is a big problem in my daily life. Sometimes it annoys me a lot, even I can't completely understand myself (laughs)

M: You told us earlier you were an exclusive model for "Ray" magazine.
A: That's right. I could've never imagined it !
M: Why is that ?
A: Well, yeah... I just couldn't have imagined that.
M: But you're pretty stylish, even today !
A: No, no, not at all !

A: The top I'm wearing has been designed by TAKAHASHI Ai.
N: Really ? How is that ?
A: It's a collaboration with the brand haco ? And as I really love her, I bought it. (look at the camera) You too, don't forget to buy it too !

N: I think everyone knows about that already but °C-ute announced its disband...
A: Yes
N: What do you think you'll do after that ? Appear on TV ?
A: I don't think I'll appear on TV... I mean, I talked about it on radio with my highschool friend MATSUOKA Mayu but, I don't think I'll ever have a program where I'll be in front of the camera and be like "Hi everyone !".
N (rit): I see. I know you must've replied to that question a lot of time already but, what are your feelings about that decision ?
A: Well, we're all pretty positive about it. We all think about our future, but we're also very motivated to do our best until the disband. I've been doing that job for 15 years, and I only did that my whole life, so it'll be a lie to tell you that there wasn't something else I wished I could've done or tried... Around me, everyone is starting to be employed at companies, so I'm pretty positive when I think about that because I think that I'll be able to start a new life at the same time as all my friends. I really want to do my best.

M: So next April, you're graduating, and next June, you're leaving Hello! Project.
A: Yes !
M: Are you already thinking about what you're going to do next ?
A: To be frank, I still haven't really decided what I wanted to do, but by doing this Idol job, I learned to like giving smile to people. So I'd like to continue to be that person who makes people smile, that when people look at her they think "Ah, this one makes me smile".
M: What about Buono! ?
A: As for me, I'd love to continue !
M (looks at Airi's manager): Oh yes, please !

A: When Berryz Kobo disbanded, their spirit were transmitted to Kobushi Factory and Tsubaki Factory. I wonder who will inherit °C-ute's spirit. Well, it's not because the group is disbanded that we will disappear from earth (laughs) I'd like fans to remember us on September 10.

M: I'll go back to that topic but, you're an Idol and a student, isn't that difficult ?
A: It was at first... Well, when I entered Hello! Project, I was in primary school, so I promised to my parents that I will keep going to school until college. And at this time, I had the dream to become a lyricist. However I thought that if I didn't live the life of a casual girl, then I would never be able to write lyrics people identify with, so I decided to go. Without knowing the stress of the exams and such, you're not able to taste that particular feeling of satisfaction... So I do my best. But that doesn't mean it's too hard for me to handle it.
M: So you don't separate who you are from your Idol persona ?
A: I don't think so. But when my friends come to see my in lives, they often tell me they don't recognize who's on stage, like "who's that girl ?". They're always surprised so I believe I'm still a bit different.

M: It seems like Nakajima-san has something to tell you.
A: What is it ?
N: I think it's last year ? During Hello! Project's summer tour, you sang Akai Freesia with the shuffle units.
A: Yes !
N: I often watch this performance and there's a part that always amazed me, by watching it I thought "Here it is ! Suzuki's strong point !". Can I show it to you ?
A (laughs): Yes, of course !

N: It's here !

M: Ah, that's an important point !
A: Eh? What are you talking about ? I didn't see it !
N: I swear that's the only thing I noticed when I watched this performance ! I thought "That, is Suzuki !". Suzuki Kanon is singing that part so usually you'd watch the person singing, but your facial expression at that part !!
A: Whaaat ? The face I'm doing ?
N: During this particular part ! Of course I loved this whole performance but I can't stop watching your expression during that part !

N: Because usually, when somebody sings, other members don't show any facial expression.
A: That's something you must do !
N: Right ! And you're the only one who keeps great expression !
A: That's not true, but thank you ! Of course, I love to sing in solo, but I think I'm better at showing the group's beauty when I'm not singing ! When I don't sing, I can focus on the dance and the expressions I do. You don't have time to do that when you're singing a solo line. That's why.

A: That's the same for the cute songs, but for cool songs, when you're singing, there are some parts of your body you can't move. It's that type of thing you can focus on when you don't have to sing a solo ligne, and I love that difference. I love to sing but I also love when I don't and I have to dance on the side. After our shows, there are always "Solo Angle" DVDs releasing and you can see things that you don't often see in DVDs. I always think about those by telling myself "I hope they see what I did at that moment" (laughs) Usually in the DVDs, they are showing the girl who's singing, so there are many times fans can see only in live and that aren't viewable in the DVDs. I didn't think you would find that 0.5 seconds part (laughs)
N: For real, I only looked at this ! And thanks to that, you reached up in my favorite member ranking. You were 3rd before I saw that Akai Freesia performance. Now, well, let me show you.

(Rank : Goddess : Airi SUZUKI)

A: What is that ?! (rit) I'm very grateful, thank you so much.
N: Is there any member you're curious about ?
A: Since she's in Kenshuusei, I always thought that Murotan (Mizuki MUROTA, ANGERME t/n) was very different ! She's a young girl but she's expressing herself in a very mature way through dance. Even her facial expressions, usually it's something that's difficult to master but she's really doing great ! This Hello! Project tour was my last so I wanted to see the members' progress. I saw the positive points of a lot of members and I regretted not paying attention to them before. The last day, I had tears in my eyes, like a proud mother.

N: There's also NATSUMI Taguchi, who I love.
A: Ah, she's very cute.
N: What do you think about her ?
A: She's adorable. I think she'd be a good MC. By becoming adults, there are two members : the ones who become more mature, and the ones who become even more energetic, like me. Taa-chan's a bit like that, and I hope she keeps that side of her even when becoming an adult.
N: Did you go out together ?
A: No, but we're talking on LINE !
N: Would you like to go out with her someday ?
A: Yeah ! But she always says "No, no, no, I couldn't !", so cute.
N: Because she's too nervous ?
A: Yeah ! The same goes for Ayumi ISHIDA, we promised to go but we have tight schedules so we can't meet a lot of times. So I didn't go out with her yet.

N: Well, as today we have a very special guest, we'll call another very special guest !
M: Sasamori-san from the newspaper Nikkan Sports!

S: Well, as you already appeared on the cover of our magazine "Gekkan Idol" and we already interviewed Nakajima Saki and Yajima Maimi, I thought I'll maybe write an article about you if you have something to say about your depature from Hello! Project, and so on...
A: "Maybe ?!"

N: Well, it'll be related to my ranking from earlier but, I'd like you to realize one of my dream first.
A: I see... I see... Alright !
M: So kind !
N: After °C-ute's disband, I'd like you to join Morning Musume. !
A: WHAT ?!

A: No, no, Morning Musume. fans don't need me ! (laughs)
N: You say you'd like to be in the entertainment industry after your depature, well, you still haven't decided anything yet but it's true that I'd like you to continue that type of thing... Morning Musume. are doing their best right now, but if you'd join the group, it'll be an ever better one !
A: No, that's not possible, if I join the group it'll be very weird.
N: You leave °C-ute, and you join Morning Musume.
S: That'd be the biggest article of our history
(Airi laughs)

N: Sasamori-san thinks the same as me, so what's your opinion .
A: I always loved Morning Musume. and I grew up with them so I have the spirit of the OG members and I would probably be able to transmit it if I could join the group, but I'm not as much an acrobate as the latest members (laughs)
N: Not the whole group but Ikuta Erina, right !
A: Right ! It's something I wouldn't be able to do.
N: That's not very important
A: Oh, well...
N: Your singing, your dancing, your facial expressions as we said earlier, they need to evolve even more ! Well, that's my feeling.
M: Like when Miki FUJIMOTO joigned the group !
N: Right, she didn't give up as a solo but joigned Morning Musume.
A: But, Morning Musume.... which generation are they in ? There would'nt be any place for me (laughs) "Hey, I'm Suzuki Airi, counting on your support !" (laughs)

S: I'd like you to be the "all lands player" of Hello! Project. That you'd join groups for a single, another one for another song...
A: That's a great role, "Hello! Project partner" (laughs) You want me to join all the groups at the same time ?
S: No, but you'd join one or another from time to time...
A: Such a bother to everyone ! (laughs) What would fans think ! (laughs)

N: But if it was... let's say, for one year only ?
A: I love being an Idol so if I get the opportunity then I would do it without any problem but thinking about the fans... There'll probably be many people who will think "But, this part's definitely Maa-chan's part, why is 'she' here today ?" (laughs) And I'm a part of °C-ute, that's all. If they ask me to give them advices, then why not, but I don't see myself singing or dancing with the girls other than during the H!P tour's shuffle units.

M: Ah, vous aimeriez être conseillère pour les membres du Hello! Project.
A: Si on me le propose, ça ne me gênerais pas!
N: Nooon je ne peux pas abandonner cette idée (rit)

N: Sinon, vous êtes encore jeune donc vous ne devez pas avoir de soucis au niveau de votre corps.
A: Je suis peut-être la plus exigeante avec les juniors concernant la santé. Du genre "Tu n'as rien mangé, mange plus!". Je pense vraiment qu'en tant qu'Idol, il faut faire attention à sa propre condition physique. Les fans qui viennent nous voir seraient déçus si nous sommes absentes parce que nous sommes malades... Personnellement je n'ai jamais été malade et je ne me suis jamais absentée d'un seul événement en 15 ans. C'est une des choses dont je peux être fière. J'ai envie de continuer sur ce chemin-là.

N: Vous faites attention à ce que vous mangez, à l'image que vous donnez même quand vous ne chantez pas... C'est vraiment une accumulation de petits détails.
A: C'est bien ça!
N: En fait j'ai invité Sasamori-san pour faire un article sur ce que vous aimeriez faire après le Hello! Project, ou juste un rêve, même irréalisable, auquel vous pensez... Et je n'abandonnerai pas le mien de vous voir dans Morning Musume. (rit)
A (rit): Si on veut parler de rêves, hmmm... J'ai toujours aimé les shuffle units, chanter des chansons d'autres groupes avec d'autres membres. En fait, à l'heure actuelle, il ne reste plus beaucoup de membres du Hello! Project que j'ai connu à l'époque de Nakazawa-san (Morning Musume. ndlr). La plupart des membres actuelles n'étaient même pas encore nées (rit) Alors évidemment il y a une partie de moi qui aimerait transmettre cet esprit-là.
N: Rien à voir mais vous connaissez la chanson "Kioku no Meiro"? (High-King ndlr)
A: Oui, je l'adore! Ca reste entre nous, mais je voulais vraiment faire partie d'High-King.
M: Ah bon?
A: Vraiment. J'adore leurs chansons... En plus il y avait Ai TAKAHASHI...

A (à N): Vous connaissez la chanson "Destiny Love" d'High-King?
(tout le monde reste silencieux)
A: Ecoutez-là s'il vous plaît! J'adore trop cette chanson!
N: Plus que "Kioku no Meiro"?
A: J'adore le mouvement d'épaules d'Ai TAKAHASHI dans cette chanson, écoutez-là s'il vous plaît! Mais si vous regardez une prestation live peut-être que vous ne la verrez pas, parce qu'elle ne chante pas à ce moment là...

N: Enfin bref, je sais que vous aimez les annonces surprises au Hello! Project alors si un jour vous vient à l'idée de rejoindre Morning Musume....
M: Il n'abandonne pas!
A (rit): Si je rejoins le groupe, quelle chanson aimeriez-vous que je chante?
N: "Naichau Kamo"
A: Quoi? Mais on l'a fait l'autre jour, à 5.
N: Non, pas en tant que ℃-ute, Airi toute seule avec les autres membres des Morning Musume.
A: Morning Musume. ni haicchau kamo (Jeu de mot avec "Naichau kamo", 'J'entrerai peut-être dans Morning Musume.')
S: Enfin même si vous quittez ℃-ute, j'aimerais vous voir parfois dans les shuffle units avec d'autres membres.
A: Le dernier shuffle que j'avais fait était avec Sayuki TAKAGI et Sakura ODA, et nous avons beaucoup parlé du fait que nous aimerions bien rechanter ensemble un jour...
M: Un nouvel unit!
A: Ou un événement, tout simplement
M (regarde de nouveau le personnel d'UP-FRONT): S'il vous plaît!

M: Merci d'avoir été avec nous pendant tout ce temps -
A: De rien!
M: - si vous pouviez nous donner votre sentiment après cette interview...
A: Eh bien... Je n'ai jamais vraiment eu l'occasion de parler comme ça avec des adultes alors c'était amusant, merci beaucoup!