2018-01-13 23:38:14 ♡Important news

Everyone!!Good evening!!!
It's Airi Suzuki!!

As I announced at the beginning of the year,
the production of my solo album is in progression!!

I've began to see how it's going to sound like,
with dance numbers very new to me,
and band-like pop and rock songs ♡

The informations about my lives are releasing one after another
so let me regroup them in this entry today!!

Please check them out!!

During these lives, I will of course sing and perform songs from my solo album, but also ℃-ute and Buono! that I sang untli now☺️

will be focused on the dance numbers of this album

and the lives at the live houses
will be focused on the band-like songs on this album!!!

Yes! Did you notice!!!

Both will be completely different!!!

Today, COTTON CLUB's live tickets pre-sale results have been announced
thanks to everyone who entered the lottery!!

The dates and schedules of the lives I've announced earlier this year
have been released!!!

First, in Tokyo
Two performances at Zepp Tokyo on April 9 and 10!!!!!

A live in Osaka has been announced!!

On April 16 at Nanba Hatch
The fanclub presales also started!!!

Please  check it out!!!!

But I also have a very important news for you all.

Airi Suzuki's...

first Budokan performance will be held!!!

I still don't feel it's reality but

as it's a weekday
I felt like it was better to announce it earlyー!!!!

It'll be on July 9!!!!!!!、

Sorry for the sudden news!!

I'm also surprised!!!!!

My first solo live at Budokan.

I think it'll be a live where I'll perform my whole album/

I'm still inexperienced but

I want to make this with you guys, and make it a wonderful summer!!

I'm announcing everything with a digest of the album not even being released but
I'd be happy if you could talk of Airi Suzuki's solo debut around you 💓

I'll annonce more details on the Budokan performance in the future so please look forward to it!!!!

It was Airi Suzuki!!!