2018-01-13 23:38:14 ♡New Year Greetings

It's very late but
Happy New Year 鏡餅おせち!!!

(It's just too late!!Think more about it!!!!lol)

Well today
I want to write my first blog entry of 2018照れ

The first three days of the year have already passed,
and I wanted to post something around Seijin no Hi (t/n adult's day),
but I was pretty busy and without noticing we've arrived todayびっくりびっくりびっくり

2018 is a really important year for me!!!!!

What to say, it's the year of my debut as a solo artist!!

I feel like I'm at a turning point in my life
It gives that kind of vibes!!!!

As the new year just started
I was able to perform my new song "Mikansei Girl" for the first time
during Hello! Project's Countdown Live 

The thing I was stressing the most for happened
only 10 minutes after New Year、、、爆笑

Even thought it was something decided really quickly
They took time to create a unique outfit
and Hello! Project's staff even let me borrow their time to rehearse in the concert hall 

It was so busy around me I was really excited
but also very nervous but

I think I got a glimpse of the what it's like to
stand on stage to perform your own song 照れ

In reality
I wanted to make the announcement
to all the Airi Mania who were waiting since the disband
(well, I always said 'Please wait for me')

so you all could come to the concert, full of excitement
then tell you "Thank you for waiting!" and tadam!!!!!

I thought
let's do that kind of first performance!!!

But it has been decided I'll appear at Countdown Live

As I promised you all to come back early Spring
so I asked the staff to at least, set my appearances from 2018!!!

And so I performed just after 2018 started!!!🙇‍♀️

I'm very sorry
to the people who waited for me
and those who commented "I couldn't even see your first performance"
even though you waited えーんえーんえーん


there's also a reason why I chose "Mikansei Girl"!

Ah, before I get into the explanations....

There are a lot of people who knows it but

I'm preparing an album!!!爆笑


And, "Mikansei Girl" is a band-like song

but in this album, there are band-like song
and also a lot of dance songs!!!!

And even in the rock band song there are a variety of styles
like sparkling songs, those which fire you up,
where you'll think 'going from that type of lonely love song to this genre?!'
There are really plenty of styles
As for the dance songs
How to say, they're really really difficult
because it's a style I've never really sung before
but that's a type of song I grew up listening to

When the choreographies will be completed it'll really be a new ground to step on for me...
That's what it's like, anyway it's really a new ground for me!!!!

And in the middle of all of that
why I chose Mikansei Girl is that
I could sing only one song during the concert
and as it was a concert to celebrate New Year, I thought I should pick a joyful song, idol-ish ウインク

But there are a lot of other reasons!!!

There's a part of me who wanted to make you think
"Airi-chan, is completely changing style!!!"
from the first performance but
as my appearance was suddenly decided
and that the choreographies weren't completely done yet
I thought I didn't wanna show  you these dance songs if it's not perfect キョロキョロキョロキョロキョロキョロ

And also
I was called "The Idol admired from other Idols"
and it's a part of my history I cannot forget
and it's something that's showing through "Mikansei Girl"
this is why I also picked an "Idol-like" costume!!!!!!!!

But you know
I really thought that
the place where I really should say 
"I'm fully prepared! It's starting!!!"
and show you my new style
is where all of Airi Mania are coming together
and really wanted to show it to you first
"Here it is, the Suzuki from now on!!"!!!!

But I'm also very happy
to have seen Airi Mania's face during
the Hello! Project concert too!!!!

Those who aren't Airi Mania's
thank you for your encouraging voices as an Hello! Project OGえーんえーんえーん

I thought "Hello! Project is the best" 照れ

Thank you for your cheers えーんハート

But it became that performance
after thinking about a lot of things!!!照れ


In the end

a lot were imperfect and
so it was really "Imperfect girl" (t/n Mikansei Girl)!!!ラブ

(Also I was still chubby lol)


I'm going to do solo lives!!!!

In April at Zepp Tokyo!!!!

As for the March lives,
the dates and informations, as well as fanclub members tickets' pre-sale have already been announced!!!照れ

It's a show where I will introduce my dance songs
you've never heard!

It's starting, Suzuki...

I'm conditioning my body strenght!!!!!


there's a live on April at Zepp Tokyo!!!

I wonder how this one is going to be like 照れ照れ照れ

That's still a secret

But steadily, a lot of things are being decided!!

Please do not miss any of the informations
releasing one after another!!!!

🕊Here is my official Twitter↓


 My official Instagram is here↓

 My official website is here!!!↓

Please check them out照れ

It was a bit long blog post

this year too
more than anything
I'm asking for your support照れ照れ照れ


Suzuki Airi