About Airi Suzuki Online's reopening

(En français sur la page Facebook)

Well well well.
Last month I said I would reopen the fansite when Airi's solo activities would start but it was announced a bit earlier than expected... So I must reopen it now.
It's a very bad timing because I still have 7 years of contents to translate, so a lot of the features are still in french and I am very sorry about it, but I will do my best to make it perfect this year!

About the main features:

+Airi Suzuki
Main infos about Airi (family, daily life)

Airi's solo discography (albums, singles, and solo songs)

+Solo activities
Airi's solo releases and activities until now (photobooks, DVDs, drama appearances, etc.)

A feature for you, the Airi Manias! How to contact Airi, Airi's fashion, and a list of the fansite's fanprojects and contests until now

Maybe the most heavy part of this fansite, Airi's related translations. You will find all of Airi's blog translations (still incomplete), photobook translations, magazine interviews and so on... Translations marked "by Airi Suzuki Online" are by me. Others are links to other fansites/translations fanblogs of fellow Hello! Project fans, in english!
I am not going to translate Airi's Instagram posts anymore as it is too much hassle and takes too long. Airi's Twitter translations are going to be published on the fansite's Twitter profile.

A link to the fansite's Tumblr, where I'm sharing my 70000+ pics of Airi accumulated until now.

+Former groups
Discographies, activities list of Airi's former groups. It's all complete except °C-ute's part, but everything is still in french until I update it, sorry!

Thank you for your support until now and I'm counting on you  to support Airi in this particular 2018 year too!