Airi Suzuki's first solo performance on UPCOMING

Up-Front's web show UPCOMING's new episode has been uploaded today.

It is showing Airi's first solo performance of "Mikansei Girl", during Hello! Project's COUNTDOWN live held on December 31st at Nakano Sun Plaza.

Here is a quick translation of Airi's comment after the performance:

Well... I finished my performance!
Since °C-ute's disband I didn't perform anything in front of the fans except during the shooting of a drama (translation note: Ueki Hitoshi to nobose mon) and it was kgbibdisbg (t/n not understandable because she's too excited). I rehearsed a lot for this first performance which has been watched by a lot of people... Of course I feel pity for the fans who have always been waiting for this because I couldn't warn them of my appearance, but I always said I'll start in 2018 and it's time for me to debut. I want to make this year a really good for me where I can focus on my debut as a solo artist. Please support me from now on! Fufu!