(PHOTOBOOK) Airi Suzuki - Airi-aL Translation (Part 10)

I'm always aware of the fact that "People watch me". There have been times where I thought "Being a bit chubby is healthier anyway!", but there's stage costumes where I have to show my stomach, and I'm also doing bikini gravure works so lately I'm trying to be careful every day. By doing this and also deciding of a goal "I want to become like this!", I believe I can approach my ideal body type. I'm really interested in how Shaku Yumiko got such a great body line so I often check her blog!

As for me I really have hideous swollen legs. When I move a lot or that I keep dancing in heels or when I can't get enough sleep, it immediately shows on my legs. That's no laughing matter! So whenever I have time, I soak in the bath for about one hour to get my blood running, and it's a simple thing but instead of the usual uniform socks I wear socks that prevents leg swelling (laughs) Also it seems that if I work on muscles with these bad habits I get whenever I dance, my body balance will become strange so I regularly go to seitai to get it corrected.

I want to have muscles while keeping a feminine body-line. When you have a great body line you can enjoy fashion and challenge yourself so it seems fun. I want people to think I look beautiful at any age so I'll continue my efforts.