(2018) Airi Suzuki 24th birthday project

Hello everyone!

Let's make Airi happy this year too by sending her a lot of love.
Since the fansite has become international I really hope more people will participate so please share this post/the fansite's social medias profiles posts.

As usual, you can send letters, drawings, gifts, but please read the rules carefully before asking any question.
For people who've never participated: Airi and the former °C-ute members knows about these projects and were usually very happy receiving these, you can check out the feedback on the Fansite projects & contests page.

a/ letters
- You can send letters in japanese, french or english (I will translate them to japanese). As every year, please know that I won't share any of the personal stories/details you tell Airi in your letters even though I translate them.
- You can handwrite them and scan them and send them to me (I'll print them) or just send me a message and I'll do the stuff.
- Please do not put personal details such as your full name (name or nickname is good), address, social networks username, links to your blogs/social networks, they will be erased by the staff anyway.
- Please do not ask for an answer back, Airi unfortunately cannot reply to you personally.
- You can add pictures/drawings separately, I'll also print and join them with your letter.
- No maximum lenght, I'll translate it anyway!

b/ drawings
- Same as the letters, don't put your personal details on it.
- You can send the file to me through a link if you want me to print it in better quality (I know they're usually compressed when sent through Facebook/Twitter).

c/ gifts
If you want to send more than a letter you can.
- They must be sent to my personal address which I'll give you if you're sure you want to send a gift.
- As usual I'll take pictures when I receive your package/when I put it inside the Airi box so you're sure I don't take any gift that was intended for her.
- No food, no expensive items such as perfume, dear jewelry, no flowers.
- You must pay for the shipping to my address in France, and I don't hold myself responsible for any lost package.
- No maximum size/weight. The biggest stuff I received was a 130cmx72cm drawing in an original frame so, really, feel free to send anything.
- Also be careful to send it early so it reaches me before the deadline!

- I'm not asking for any financial participation from you. The various fees to buy the messages album/printing expenses and shipping fees are all on me! (my pleasure)

The deadling is APRIL 5, 2018.
You can send everything on the fansite's Facebook page:

Or by mail at:

If you have more questions please use these two above or Twitter (but please don't send DMs because I'm never checking Twitter DMs!)