Suzuki Airi first solo album's tracklist and covers unveiled

The informations to Airi's first solo album have been unveiled on her official website.

"Do me a favor" is set to release on June 6

It will be available in a regular and limited edition. 

Tracklist (track order still not decided):
1. Mikansei Girl
2. Iin janai
3. Kimi no sukina hito
4. Candy box
5. STORY (Suzuki Airi x SCANDAL)
6. Hikari no Hou he (Suzuki Airi x Akai Kôen)
7. #DMAF (Suzuki Airi × SPICY CHOCOLATE)
9. Moment
10. Good Night
11. perfect timing
12. Be Your Love
13. Watashi no soba de
14. Tabun ne,
15. start again

Blu-Ray bonus DVD
1. Music Videos

As said on her radio program Airi's Potion, Airi participated in the writing of "perfect timing"'s lyrics. She wrote the lyrics to "#DMAF".

Bonus postcards will be offered to the fans who preorder her album at her live venues. Some of them are signed by Airi:


  1. Troooop bien :) hâte d'avoir l'album entre mais main :)


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