(TRANSLATION) Maimi Yajima's March 27 update about Airi's 1st live "This person is amazing‼︎♡"

Maimi YAJIMA (former °C-ute leader) went to see Airi's first live today with her best friend Chinami TOKUNAGA (former Berryz Kôbô), Morning Musume. '18 members Ayumi ISHIDA and Maria MAKINO, and UP UP GIRLS (2) members Mayu YOSHIKAWA & Chinatsu TAKAHAKI.

Here is the translation of her official blog entry published on that day:

I went to see「Suzuki Airi 1st LIVE 〜Do me a favor@COTTON CLUB〜」ー(o^^o)♡

It started yesterday
but it's Airi's first act as a solo artist.

Aaahー、、、(T ^ T)♡

I could feel a lot of the efforts she's done after the disband (´;Д;`)

During °C-ute years already, she was a child who was constantly evolving, but from her singing to her body making, her style of dancing, her walking, and her sense of rythm, everything is so different from that time... 

I was completely overwhelmed
"When is she going to stop evolvingー(´⊙ω⊙`)‼︎"

It's such a new Airi I can't believe I was working with her until a while ago, 
and she fascinated me so much that without thinking, I was applauding ( ゚д゚)‼︎♡

She stepped in a new ground so much that I thought "Airi's starting to be unreachable" (´;Д;`)♡ (t/n literally it says "Airi's going so far" but Maimi means that she's so great she feels Airi's unreachable now)
And she's evolving so quickly, she was so cool ♡‼︎

But during the second part she was the usual Airi、、、♡
Her smile was very cute♡(*´꒳`*)

It was pretty fun to do the Airi call along the fans too、、、♡(//∇//)
I understood the greatness of supporting someone you love(≧∇≦)lol

That Airi who has various faces, she's so great ♡

So many different Airi that you think
"Wait a minute? It must be somebody else right??(´⊙ω⊙`)"

And after there was this song she worte...

I cried so hard I only saw a blurred Airi (lol)

To think that even such a great girl faced hard times and difficulties...

To say it in other words, she really had to face a lot of things to reach this constant quality she's aiming for...

That Airi, shining on stage, who succeed to overcome that thanks to other people's support, was really wonderful.

She succeed to convey that honest feeling to fans, 
and was able to tell them 'thank you' through her favorite songs.

I was relly moved.

That was a really lovely song.

When we went to eat the other day
The things I heard from Airi such as
"I want to be that way!"
"I want to try these things!"
everything is becoming reality

I thought proudly
that she's really a girl who can put words into action ♡

There are more lives to come so
continue to deliver your favorite songs to a lot of people okay ♡

You did a great job today(T ^ T)♡
I received a lot of power, thinking that I wanted to do my best too, as this Airi who does her best for everything!! (o^^o)

Thank you ♡