2018-04-30 08:06:54 ♡ 『Suzuki Airi 1st LIVE 〜 Do me a favor 〜 』

Updating my blog for the first time in a while !!!!
It's Suzuki Airi

was the last performance of
『Suzuki Airi 1st LIVE 〜 Do me a favor 〜 』!!!♡

The Dance side lives that started from March 26.
And the Band side lives held in April.

1 month passed in the blink of an eye
And the lives ended before I could even notice it

I was really surprised by
how fast time flies.

But I want to believe that
it's because I've been spending really fruitful days ☺︎

I'm glad I chose to continue to sing☺︎

On March 26, when I stood on stage alone,
It was the first time in 9 months since °C-ute's disband.

In reality
I worried about having forgotten these feelings
Or worried about being afraid to sing again

I thought about a lot, but

these didn't have any sense!!!

"This is where I belong!!"
That's what I thought the second I started.

... But I was really nervous okay? lol

But I was really happy.

I have accumulated a lot since the disband.
I learned so many new things
I had so many words to tell you

And when I stood on stage
everything came back to me and I couldn't stop
I even exceeded the usual MC times because I always talked too much

That must be because
More than anyone in this world
I was looking forward to that day.

The Suzuki Airi project's environment is
Very very pleasant

There is almost no one that is moody
or says negative things
(Not saying negative things are bad but)

The environment I'm in is always filled with nothing but smiles.

I was able to create a very important place to my heart,
such a happy place that tears are about to fall.

That's why I really really wanted to share quickly
what this crew created
to you, my important people!!

And then I stood on stage

I thought that
this crew would only be completed
with the fans.

So I've been doing activities from a happy environment
also I had fun rehearsals every day
a lot of people are giving me power, but
it's only when fans were able to enter that environement
that I felt "I'm the happiest in this world!".

I want to treasure this everything
from now on too.

My dance skills
and singing skills are still not that good and

This 15 years-experienced-beginner Suzuki
still has a lot to experiment and has to grow up yet
she's still an unperfect girl

but I thought that's an happy thing.

Even me who has been working for 15 years
Still has a lot to be taught by others, to be suggested

and I'm very grateful for that

Every day is funnier when
there are things I still cannot do!!!!!

My possibilities are endless
And I want to create things
That would surprise you ♡♡♡

My goal from now on is to
put these feelings I've wrote on notebooks since so long
into words and make them into a song ♡♡♡

I can't wait.

...I'm saying that but
I still haven't made my official debut yet lol

The real start will be June 6, my debut day.

As I haven't really stood on the start line
I think the perspective will be different but
as I believe Airi Mania will support me
I'm not afraid of anything!!!!

I'll continue to do my best
For you all to be able to see
many different landscapes.

Thank you so much!!!!!

I'm counting on your support from now on too!!!!!

I know these are very simple words,
but they mean a lot.

Let's be happy together


But there's that one thing.

I said that『Suzuki Airi 1st LIVE 〜 Do me a favor 〜 』
finished but
actually it continues to the Budokan live

So I still haven't finished yet!!!!!

This Budokan performance I've already thought of.
I'm thinking about the goods since a long time already and
I'm considering a really flexible setlist to make it fun ♡

While being grateful to be in such an environment that let me imagine a bright future...

I'll do my best from tomorrow too ♡

Thank you very much everyone

I'll update again ☺︎