Airi Suzuki's appearance at VIVA LA POP!

Today was the "VIVA LA ROCK EXTRA 'VIVA LA POP!'" festival at Saitama Super Arena.
Airi appeared with numerous artists and got to have a solo stage.

Before her solo stage, she came as a surprise guest on Nanami ABE, Last Idol member's solo stage, while she was singing °C-ute's "Kanashiki Amefuri". As Nanami is a big fan of Airi and a team °C-ute member, she was really moved and excited and tweeted two pictures with Airi afterwards:

Airi then performed solo, here is today's setlist:
2 Good Night 
3 Candy Box 
4 Kimi no Sukina hito 
6 Hikari no Hou he
7 Rottara Rottara
8 Independent Girl ~Dokuritsu Josei de aru tame ni~ 
10 Hatsukoi Cider

Many fans tweeted that the front of the stage became full for the first time in the day when Airi was announced performing. She received many good critics and as "Hatsukoi Cider" is a really popular song among Idols, fans and even other artists were delighted.

VIVA LA POP's official staff published a report with many pictures on the festival's website:

Here are other tweets of artists who've taken pictures with Airi :