Jun 27, 2018

H&M - Printed sweat tops (jp link / europe link / us link)

Drama: Ueki Hitoshi to nobose mon

Ueki Hitoshi no Nobose-mon (植木等とのぼせもん) is a japanese drama which aired on NHK from September 2 to October 21, 2017.

● Scenario
Inspired by the novel of the same name wrote by Komatsu Masao, it tells the story of the famous Hitoshi Ueki, known as a great jazz artist and a comic genius.

Airi played as Chiyo OKUMURA.

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● Previews

Jun 25, 2018

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LAVID - HONESTY (brown) (link)

Jun 17, 2018

(SETLIST) AIRI SUZUKI acoustic live #DMAF by forTUNEmusic

・June 17, 2018 @ Zepp Nagoya

1. Candy Box
2. Kimi no Sukina hito
3. Iin janai
4. Watashi no Migigawa
5. moment

Kimi no Sukina hito
3. Iin janai
4. Tabun ne,
5. perfect timing

Jun 11, 2018

Airi Suzuki's first fanclub event has been announced

Airi's first M-Line fanclub event, which is also her 2018 birthday event has been annouced.

"Suzuki Airi FC Event Dai Ikkai AiriMania-kai ~Budokan Otsukare/Aa Sou ieba 24sai Omedetou~" (Good job on the Budokan performance/Hey also happy 24th birthday) will be held on August 11, at Tokyo's Yamano Hall for three performances at 15:00, 17:45 and the last one at 20:00.

More details.

Airi Suzuki's official Facebook page has opened

An official Facebook page for Airi's activities has been opened today!

It'll share the latest infos about her and also non-published pictures. The staff already published two photo albums filled with great quality shots of her lives at Zepp Tokyo, Nanba Hatch and COTTON CLUB.

Jun 5, 2018

tv appearances: airi suzuki - do me a favor

05.06.2018 - The Girls Live (DISTANCE)

06.06.2018 - BOMBER Me~Tere (DISTANCE)

11.06.2018 - The Girls Live (start again)

▪ 19.06.2018 - Premium MelodiX! (Good Night)

26.06.2018 - Full Chorus ~Ongaku wa Full Chorus~ (Kimi no Sukina hito / DISTANCE)

▪ 26.06.2018 - Live B (DISTANCE)

▪ 29.06.2018 - Live B (Iin Janai)

16.07.2018 - The Girls Live (Kimi no Sukina hito)

▪ 05.09.2018 - Sukkiri (DISTANCE)