(2018) DETAILS | Suzuki Airi 1st live ~Do me a favor @ Zepp Tokyo / Nanba Hatch ~


Suzuki Airi 1st live ~Do me a favor @ Zepp Tokyo / Nanba Hatch~ was the second part of Airi Suzuki's first live as a solo artist.

As she explained on the first performance, Do me a Favor means "Thank you everybody/fans/family/friends" (D→ どう (dou) M→ も (mo) A→ ありがとう (arigatou) F→ ファンのみんな (fan no minna)), and also express the feelings of her wanting the fans to welcome her solo career.

This second part is focused on the band-style songs from her first solo album "Do me a favor".


April 9 - 19:00 @ Zepp Tokyo
April 10 - 19:00 @ Zepp Tokyo
April 16 - 19:30 @ Nanba Hatch, Osaka


Fans who preordered the album at her Zepp Tokyo and Nanba Hatch lives venues could get this special long interview DVD, which Airi designed the jacket by herself:





Opening VTR
1. Mikansei Girl
2. Candy Box
3. Kirai suki Daikirai
MC 1
4. Iin janai
5. Aa Koi
6. Urahara
MC 2 (Band members introduction)
7. Acoustic corner (Bagel ni ham & cheese → Arupusu ichiman jaku → Saikou Music → Bucket no mizu)
MC 3
8. Watashi no migigawa
MC 4
9. Kimi no sukina hito
MC 5
10. #DMAF
VTR (Airi Channel)
12. No Live, No Life
13. Hikari no hou he
14. SoLaSiDo ~Nee nee~
15. Rottara Rottara
MC 6
16. Independent Girl ~Dokuritsu Joshi de aru tame ni
17. As ONE
E1. Hatsukoi Cider
MC 7
E2. Yes! All my family
E3. Tsuugaku Vector