2019-04-06 05:43:53 ♡It's Airi

Yahoo everybody
Posting for the first time in a while, it's Suzuki Airi

Today's weather is kinda warm
and a wind with the smell of spring,
reminding me of my elementary school days
and which makes me feel the excitement of this new semester
is blowing

There are a lot of miracles happening for me
since the start of this new year.

How to say that...
A lot of works which are decided upon miracles
Making me think "That was definitely the right timing!"
and also "What? A-san and B-san knew each other?!".

The name "Suzuki Airi"
has been given to me by my parents so that a lot of great things would happen to me,
but right now, I'm doing my best every day feeling that luck

Thank you, dear parents.

Here's a pic of me lately.

Doing a certain job
with a pretty natural style.

I'm parting with that job location soon.
But I'm not going to say it feels lonely.
It makes me learn great things and stimulates me.

For the first time in a while, I experienced something so frustrating I cried.
But that also, is because I deeply understand what I've been told, and because there was love in these words that I feel them that much.

But I also felt a little happy for myself who honestly thought it was frustrating.

Instead of saying it's a stimulus I didn't know yet
I rather feel like it's a part of me that hasn't been stimulated in these 16 years of work.

To not be content with the current situation.

I will work with these words.

I think I'm the person who understand myself the most is what I always say, but
it made me think I still don't understand myself at all.

My life's from now on.
I can't wait for the future that's awaiting.

I want to tell it to all of you guys too.

I'm allowed to be a part of a very blessed environment every day.

Because there's that!!!

We are looking for various timings but
I'm sorry there hasn't been an announcement for a new song yet!!

(My off make-up lately lol)

Well, to put it in words
it's adult matters but
I'm also making new songs!!!

The number of songs is increasingー!!

I'm also doing a lot of meetings
for my Escape tour starting at the end of May

From the performance to the setlist to the goods
I've been giving my preferences
so please look forward to it


(A pic from Kansai Collection)

I'll turn 25 soon !

It's too quick, toooo quick !!!!

There isn't any thing I forget to do until the end of my 24 but
for that 25 birthday event,
it'll be the hardest I've danced so far
so the people who are coming, look forward to it! 

It can only be funーー!!!

Well, it looks like that.
I'm going back to work 


For April Fool's
I caught up with Chisato's "broken front tooth" episode and went to °C-ute's LINE Live to say "Hey, are you alright?!!!" 
And we were so serious about it that Chisato told us pretty quick that it was a joke lol

Airi : 😭😭😭 What do you mean, your front tooth's broken?!
Chisato : It hurts so bad ! My phone fell on it 😭
Airi : What? You broke it like that?! lol
Mai : What do you mean!!! lol Your front tooth !
Chisato : Everybody.... Thank you...

Chisato : It's April Fools' !
Airi : What.
Aaaaaaaaaa !
Mai : I'm done lol
Maimi : Lol, as usual !
Chisato : I really wanted to do it to you all! If you're so easy to prank on !

Well, see you! That was Airi!