TRANSLATION: From your favorite type to the ways to become popular! Please tell us your opinions on love ♡

What's your favorite type of guy and what's a perfect date for you?
Somebody who seems happy eating, and eats a lot. For the date, I want to guy to bring me to a place he loves ! I'm that type of person ♡

What's the men behavior you're addicted to?
If I should put it in a example like in the manga, I'd love my head to be patted unexpectedly. Like "You did a great job!" (pats the head). I would blush right away ♡

Your favorite men fashion?
If it suits him, everything's good. But, maybe not people who wear chains or something. I don't really like people who make noise when walking.

When do you want to marry?
I'd like getting married before 32. I'm also thinking about what's it's like physically to raise children. I'd like to have two, and would definitely love to have a boy! My ideal is a girl then a boy, but I believe I won't be able to give birth to a girl unless I've had two boys first. I have that feeling since a long time ago.

Do you have any techniques to be popular?
Please teach me, seriously (laughs) I'm actually being taught by Erika (Ray model MATSUMOTO Erika) the proper way woman should talk.

What do you do when you want your heart to skip a beat?
I read "Gakuen Alice". It was Nacky's recommendation and I love it. By the way, I love Natsume.

If you ever make a boyfriend... Are you the type of person to be infatuated?
I don't ever want to. And I want to date a person who's not clingy either.