2019-07-17 11:30:32 ♡First post in a while ^^

Everyone ♡
Long time no see, it's Airi Suzuki!!

I wanted to write a long text for the first time in a while
so I'm typing now

The rainy seasons is kinda long this year

From the second half of June
to the first week of July
Whatever I was doing I couldn't stick to it
And I've tended to become negative

I had such a period but
I wonder if that's just me ?

I'm a preacher of positive thinking
And I feel that the positive feels you have after experiencing negative things
are even more positive.

Being able to have fun and smiling
Makes my hearts feel even more happy

That's what I've been thinking about lately (lol)

That's something I'm grateful for but
lately my schedules won't stop and I'm having many busy days
taking the shinkansen and the plane
going to various places.

As a person who loves endless days like these
I'm experiencing this feeling for the first time in a while

I wonder why humans
are so contradictory like that ♡

Especially during my busy times
I know I'll get busy
But I really want to try something else
Like cleaning up my room or something (lol)

Am I right???(lol)

That's what happens to me!!!!!!'lol)

I think "I want to get a qualification!!!!!!" or something
And seek informations for it, but I don't have any time to do it
and by the time I'm free, I'm already bored with it

I think "I want to redesign my room!!!!"
and when I look at my room
I see the many things I have to throw out first before the redesign and in the end, never do it

I think "Let's go to the gym" !!
So I plan to go on particular moments between works
And even though it made me very happy at first
On that day, I regret it because I want to rest (lol)

But in the end I go and I'm glad I did (lol)

It makes me think I'm stupid
but I'm the type of person who loves to have a packed day (lol)

But there's a reason I became like this

If I'm like "Let's not schedule anything and rest !"
I sleep so much, like forever
and I feel even more tired and regret it,
And that happened often
That's why (lol)

If I'm not strict on schedules
I become a neglecting woman


That person is 25 years old.

That's the "Forever 25 years old" theory.
(Airi's making a reference to Juice=Juice's song) 

While thinking that if I was able to stop the time now
I'll be able to do many things
I can't wait to be around my 28.

Girl begins to turn into a woman at 18

And a woman turn a great woman at 28

That's what I believe ♡


Without rushing
I want to spend the days at my own pace
and I'd be glad if I could
have many laughs every day

From today I'll be able
to meet Airi mania in Osaka and Fukuoka!!

Firstly, today
From 19:00
There's an event at Shinsaibashi

I'm waiting for you

I love BEYOOOOONDS' MVs (lol)

Eguchi-chan's amazing
I can't believe she's that same baby
who burst into tears every single time she meets me (lol)

Let me do it with you (lol)
(Airi's talking about this part of the new MV)