(TRANSLATION) Suzuki Airi for Aoyama Gakuin University

- Could you try to look back on your school days and tell us about your memories ?
Airi : My campus smelled like a farm (laughs) Because it was located in the countryside (laughs) There are times when I think I miss that smell, but I went to have a picnic there. As there is a garden, it was very fun to eat your lunchbox there.

- Is there anything you've changed your opinion on since you became a model ?
Airi : I didn't really spend money on clothes before then, mostly on food (laughs) However, as I became a model and turned 25 years old, I thought I wanted to buy more sustainable clothings that I could wear for a while. Girls tend to change their style easily, but I'm now buying things that I think I'll wear next year too.

- Please tell us the secret to your beauty.
Airi : I'm not that beautiful... (laughs) It's not something you can do easily, but after °C-ute's disband I spent 6 months working behind the scenes and as I didn't have school anymore and °C-ute activities, my life rhythm became so healthy ! Waking up at 6 a.m. and sleeping at 10 p.m.. It's said that between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. is the golden time, and it's true ! My skin became so much better because of it ! I thought I had to sleep at that time as much as possible. There are many times I sleep after 2a.m. though, as I'm a night owl. I try to do my best to sleep during that golden time.

- What's your favorite type of boy ?
Airi : What is my favorite type... I love people who are doing their best towards one particular goal. Also, I like people who care about their family, but regardless of gender, I'm always captivated by people who got sex appeal. Who are a bit mysterious, fascinating.

- Is there somebody you respect a lot ?
Airi : Definitely my mom. There are many people who say 'I'm putting priority on others before me' but a very few who are really doing it every single day. The more I get older, the more I come to understand the importance of the words "the greatness of a mother".

- Please tell us your way to refresh yourself.
I eat yakiniku ! I eat meat, while deeply believing in what Sandwich Man said : as it's brown, it's counting for 0 calories, and if you eat it with rice, it cancels each other ! (laughs) Eating, sleeping a lot and laughing.

- It seems you like back number a lot. Could you tell us some recommended songs ?
Airi : For which situation ? You understand that I won't be able to stop speaking, like an otaku, right !? They have many good songs that you can listen to when you're heartbroken, when you feel unmotivated for work, when you want to feel grateful to your family, when you want something to sing with your friends. There are many songs corresponding to a lot of scenes of your life. Their most popular songs are love songs or break-up songs but there's so much than this.

- Is there any student group you'd like to enter ?
Airi : I wanted to be in so bad ! After graduating from college, there's a time I had a talk show there and it was my first time participating in the school's festival. When I saw the dance club I thought "Wow, there were such lively people at that school !" and I really wanted to join in. They were all doing their best towards their goal. That kind of youth is so admirable. It seemed fun.

- The theme of your school festival this year is "BLOOM", is there any time you felt you bloomed ?
Airi : The time where I bloomed ? When is that ? Eh... The time I bloomed the most... When was it ? (looking at her manager who replies "Isn't it now ?") That must be it. I can only think about now... Actually there were many times. I was able to realize the many things I was seeking as an Idol. Our disband live was also one moment of it, but also when we standed at Nippon Budokan. A new feeling was born after this performance. I hope that in the future, many flowers will bloom from these new branchs.

- A word for Aoyama students ?
Airi : I don't have many occasions to meet the students, well when your studies will be over you also won't have many occasions to come back there. So, study hard of course, but take time to have fun with your friends and create memories too. I want you all to enjoy your school days the best you can !

Pic credits : Ikuchan910airi