(TRANSLATION) pivotdoor x Suzuki Airi - 17 questions to Suzuki Airi

1. Your 'my boom' item this winter ?
I'm 25 now so I've started to really want boa or fur coat, things with volume that I've stopped trying to wear until now.
Sunglasses and fur coats. Things that adults would wear. Last year I've finally tried sunglasses so this year I'd like to try more fur coats...

2. Things you'd like to try this winter ?
I've never skied ! So I'd like to try that. And I want to do glamping ! Those are all things I've seen on TV and thought they'd be great, but as winter is my favorite season, I really want to enjoy winter activities.

3. Things you love to eat during winter ?
Nabe (t/n hot pot) ! Every single year during winter I want to eat a warm nabe.

4. Which type of nabe ?
You're really asking that question ? (laughs) I've always preferred motsu nabe but lately, I wonder if it's because of my taste or my age, but I can't eat motsu nabe if it's not with a special event anymore. I love the healthy ones lately ! Steamed pork, vegetables ones... Also hinabe !

5. Where would you like to go on a Winter date ?
More than the place, the situation's important. I love shoujo manga, like when the boy is putting his hand in your jacket... I wanna do that !(Airi claps)

6. Your cooking specialities ?
Hamburger steaks, shougayakisimmered hijiki... I eat a lot of okara  (t/n : soy pulp) when I'm dieting, the reason is that when I was making hijiki I mixed some with it and it was good. All of those feels like my mother. My mother taught me all these recipes.

7. Are you indoor type ? Outdoor type ?
Not speaking generally... But there are days where I'll have a day off that wasn't planned and will sleep until the time I want to wake up, but there are days off that I want to optimize so I plan every single thing from morning to the evening and I don't come back home until the evening. So I don't really know which type I am exactly. But I love my house ! (laughs)

8. What would you wear during a winter date ?
I want to say "cute things", but I wonder... I want to be stylish but if we end up walking a lot that'd be a trouble with my heels, so I'll wear shoes I'm comfortable in, and a turtle neck knit. A casual but cute style !

9. Which male fashion do you like ?
Usually, as long as it fits them that's great to me, but I love simple styles. For example if I would ask them "Where did you buy this ?" and they'd reply "This one's so cheap !". I like people who use their items wisely.

10. Which boys' habits do you like ?
That's something that never changed, but, as usual with my shoujo manga way of thinking, when they pat your head without looking ? (laughs) Do you know what I mean ? Well that can only be done by the person you like but... You know, the one the experienced salaryman does to the newcomer office lady ? That thing (laughs) Should be amazing if that's done in a great way. Only with the person you like though (laughs) 

11. What kind of girls do you think is cute ?
I love girls who are glowing because they made the effort of researching themselves. People who embraces their complexes. Girls who walk with confidence without hiding anything. I tend to really admire those people who have this kind of cuteness, glowing aura. I'd like to be like that, too.

12. Your favorite girls fashion ?
I love girls who can use second-hand or vintage pieces wisely. I always had long hair, but I love girls with a pixie haircut, or beautifully drawn eyebrows, wearing edgy fashion... I think they're cute.

13. What is something you like to care of during winter ?
The air is so dry lately ! This year, it feels so dry ! Until now, I believed it'd just get better without doing nothing. But that's not the case at all ! So I moisturize my skin a lot.

14. Something you're addicted to lately ?
Every single year it's café latte... So if I want to add something I'd say... Making my room smell good before sleeping ? (laughs) It makes me wake up in a great mood so I try to do that often lately.

15. What bonus could you expect of a date with Suzuki Airi ?
Bonus ?! Bonus ? Is there anything ?! Hmm... I think there won't be any silent moment ? The Suzuki family loves humming and getting excited together for pretty much anything, and as I was raised in such environment, so if you spend the day with me I think you'd get pretty positive ? (laughs) Being able to talk and have fun ! I think that's the only bonus.

16. Your feeling after wearing PIVOTDOOR's clothes ?
The things that stands out the most is that the clothes are pretty casual style, so men and women can wear anything ! But the corduroy large pants I wore for the last shooting was so cute. I don't get to wear this type of clothes often so... Also, I love the size of the pullovers ! They're oversized and with long sleeves... I'm glad I got to wear them.

17. Would you like to do a matching outfit with somebody with them ?
I think thayt's really cute and I'd really like to try that too. So people who never tried this... let's do it ! As I'm wearing some, it's like you're doing a matching outfit with me, right ?