(TRANSLATION) ℃-ute - Live interview for Kazumi Namba no Aidoru Sanjuu Rokubou (04.11.2016)

After °C-ute's event at Shibuya's TOWER RECORDS to promote their new single, Saki and Airi were invited in NAMBA Kazumi's show for a special interview, along with TOWER RECORDS' CEO, MINEWAKI Ikuo. 

Namba : Well, let's welcome °C-ute's NAKAJIMA Saki and SUZUKI Airi !
Saki : Wah, there's a lot of a people ! Thank you so much. Hi everyone, we're NAKAJIMA Saki...
Airi : and SUZUKI Airi from °C-ute !
S/A : Please treat us well today !
Saki : There's no seats today ? Are you going to be okay everyone ?
Airi : Ah, it's not like usual.
Saki : Don't forget to... warm-up your ankles.
(the audience laughs)
Airi : Even more because it's the evening...
(a fan shouts "Airi !") 
Namba : We hear them from the back ! There's so many peope today !
Saki : Yes, because we just finished a mini-live in that same shop, so I guess a lot of them stayed after.
Namba : Well, take a sit.
S/A : Thank you !

Namba : It's pretty rare, but you're wearing your personal clothes today !
Saki : Yes, they're confortable.
Airi : And so warm.
Namba : You both lost so much weight !
S/A : Not at all !
Namba : I'm don't know fashion too much but... That's this year's fashion for this winter ?
Saki : Yes, with big sleeves, collar... What I'm wearing is a piece produced by TAKAHASHI Ai, it's oversized... A lot of clothes are oversized this winter.
Namba : We're going to make it short with that talk about clothing.
(Airi and Saki laughs)
Namba : Because we don't know anything about it (laughs) I should learn more about clothes with your Thursday night program...
Saki : Ah ?
Airi : You're talking about...
Saki : The Girls Live ?
Namba : As soon as the "coordination" part airs... That's when men starts to fall asleep (laughs)
Minewaki : He's not wrong.
Namba : We're not the target of that part.
Airi : But it's over now !
Saki : Yes, it has been replaced by a new corner on the show.

Namba : I wonder if that's thanks to this kind of corners that female fans increased ?
Saki : Their number increased a lot !
Namba : There were a lot of female fans during today's mini-live as well.
Saki : Yes, indeed. But when was it, yesterday ? The day before yesterday ?
Airi : Ah, yes, yes !
Saki : They were so many ! Half boys half girls !
Namba : You're still not used to see that much girl fans ?
Airi : It's a bit embarrassing actually. I don't remember the first time we saw that much equality in our audience... Before that, the boys were imitating girls for us (she looks at the fans and says 'Thank you !'), so we were able to feel it a bit... But the first time it was "real", it was very impressive. We really wondered about how girls were perceiving us, other girls.
Minewaki : When was that ?
Airi : Hmmm...
Saki : A while ago, right ?
Airi : Yeah ! It started when we had to make a special section for girls in our audience. When was it again...
Saki : Anyway, we don't remember ! Let's talk about something else ! (laughs)

Namba : There are many things like that you don't usually remember ?
Saki : Yes, there are many things for which we think "When was it again ?"...  For example, we remember well our debut period, but when somebody asks us "When did you became a 5 member unit ?", we always have to think.
Minewaki : That's normal, afteer such a big history.
Saki : When I was a child and listening to adults talking about something from 3 years ago, I always thought "That's so far away". Now I think it's pretty recent.
Namba : You're in a period where you have to remember many memories, right ? (t/n since the group's disband announcement)
Airi : Yes !
Namba : But when you're asked something, you don't remember the dates ?
Airi : Personally, I always compare to my school years. Like "how old I was during the release of this single ?", things like that. Right ?
Saki : Not for me...
Airi : Really ?! That's what I'm doing ! I remember a lot of my ages thanks to the single. Wait, what was the initial question ? (laughs)
Namba : You have to remember many memories...
Airi : Ah ! Right, right ! (looks at Saki, 'Why was I talking about that right now ?').
Saki : You said you were remembering important things through your school years...
Airi : Right ! That's it, that's all ! (laughs)

Namba (looks at Minewaki) : The other day I interviewed Suzuki-san and Yajima-san and Suzuki-san was also distracted...
Airi : No, that was because leader was here so I thought it would be okay to be funny... (laughs)
Saki : Everyone's a bit like that. One time we suddenly talked about our New Year party...
Namba : Right, and the other day you talked about the surprise birthday party... Usually, the manager or the person in charge warns the members like "You should talk about the single there", but this time everyone laughed.
Airi : Yeah, we had to talk about the album and the release of our single for that interview in particular, but only the 3 last questions were about those... (laughs)
Namba : That's not my fault ! I interviewed you after that party and when I asked you what you did the previous day you all started talking about it (laughs)
Saki : Everyone was talking at the same time about what we had prepared...
Namba : They were saying "That member was in charge of this !" and the girls started to explain every single thing she did for that party...
Airi : We were all explaining our roles and were repeating the same story each time (laughs)
Minewaki : Even though he loves music, everytime Namba-san interviews you, it's never centered on you songs.
Airi : Only like the 3 minutes in the beginning (laughs)
Saki : But I believe fans prefers this kind of content ! They can read some things we don't talk about often, and it's funnier right ?
Airi (looks at Namba) : Thank you so much Namba-san !
Namba : Well, it's also frustrating.
S/A : Why is that ?
Namba : Because they often reproach me for doing that, they're magazines focused on music so, today I'd like...
Minekishi : You to talk about things that aren't related to music.
Saki : Yeah, we might not be focused on that...
Namba : As they might be distracted, let's watch the music videos of your new single !
Saki : Yeah, let's do our promotion work before getting distracted ! (laughs) Here's "Mugen Climax", our new single released last November 2.

Saki : That was "Mugen Climax " !
Minewaki : So cool...
Namba : Oomori-san wrote it.
S/A : That's right !
Namba : And the members' names are all written in the lyrics.
S/A : Right ! (laughs)
Minewaki : Did Oomori-san told you about it ? That the members name were included in the lyrics ?
Saki : The staff who provided the song told it to us. We did our best to search them.
Minekishi : Ah, it's not obvious.
Airi : Yes, we didn't think it took that shape. We were thinking "Ah ! It's there, right ?! Or there ?".
Namba : There's only Nacky
Minewaki : Yeah, there's only NAKAJIMA Saki-san's name which has been shortened !
Airi : Listen to that !
Saki : Well yes, Oomori-san explained me the reason why though. She loves Hello! Project, our group, and really wanted to write us a song... It seems like she loves the "Nakisou" part in which fans always scream "NACKY" during "Ookina Ai de Motenashite", so she really wanted to add "Nacky" and not "Saki" in the lyrics.
Namba : She didn't put "Saki" because it was too difficult to include in the lyrics ?
Saki : According to her, it's not for that reason !
Airi : She said that's because it's a surname full of love.
Minewaki : That's a beautiful story...
Airi : It's the first time we reveal this trivia !
Namba : That's the type of things you should say during interviews... (laughs)
Minewaki : I always wondered why it was "Nacky".
S/A : We all did.
Saki : But I was so happy ! It's a very important part of "Ookina Ai de motenashite".
Minewaki : The lyrics, but also the music videos are very cool.
S/A : Thank you so much.
Minewaki : There's something that makes me curious though... You're all wearing corsets, right ? Isn't that difficult to dance ?
Saki : They are pretty tight, but doesn't hurt !
Airi : It's not that bad ! But as it's tight, we avoid eating ramen before our events (laughs)
Minewaki : Yeah, there's no chance you'd be able to wear it after ramen (laughs)
Airi : But sometimes, we make a mistake and eat anyway, then we're like "Ah, today was the Mugen Climax outfits..."
Minewaki : They are really fitting the spirit of the song.
Saki : Yeah, the outfits or the music video, everything is so cool. The place where we shot was also very luxurious.
Airi : With the chandeliers... Leader broke one of those during the shooting...
Minewaki : What do you mean ?
Airi : During the intro, were we throw our arms up during the first scene, the leader is at the far back and there's a chandelier just at her right. She hit it and it fell (laughs)
Saki : Yeah, but the staff put it back together.
Namba : Oh, so she didn't break it (laughs)
Airi : Right, but we were all so surprised (laughs) It's so expensive !
Saki : We were so scared ! Anyway, that music video has been made so it's the coolest of everything we've released until now.
Namba : When I watched it tonight it had 900 000 views. It'll reach one million soon.
Saki : I'd like it to make it !
Airi : Thank you so much !
Saki : "Mugen Climax" might become the most viewed...
Airi : What was the most viewed one of the channel ?
Saki : "Kiss me Aishiteru", right ?
Airi : Ah, because many people uploaded covers on their channel...
Minewaki : I thought all the fans in the audience were amazing... They all replied super fast (laughs)
Namba : It's a difficult dance, right ?
S/A : So complicated !
Saki : During the first lesson, we watched the teacher dance. and I thought that never in my life would I be able to move my body in such a way (laughs)
Airi : Usually, we remember the choreography pretty well and during the events, we're doing it in a more easy, light way. However this time it was impossible because the moves were too fast...
Saki : When we're not holding anything it's okay, but with the microphone, we're always wondering if we're going to throw it by accident. And before today's event we put some handcream, but if we don't wash them the microphone is slipping. That's pretty bothersome.

Minewaki : Here they go, the topic about handcreams (laughs)
Airi : But Nacky's lotion smells so good, really !
Namba : Why do you put that anyway ?
Airi : Because our skin gets dry fast.
Saki : Also, it makes us happy when we put on lotion. We think "We're going on stage !".
Namba : All the members are wearing cream ?
Airi : We're stealing Nacky's one (laughs)
Minewaki : You don't have your own ?
Airi : I do, at home.
Minewaki : And you put some before your lives ?
Saki : Yes, with perfume.
Namba : But it doesn't make any sense to put on cream before your live ?
Airi : It's about feelings !
Saki : It calms us.
Airi : For example, there are time when I put some, and others when I don't. I put cream every time for the "Concerto" tour.
Namba : For the atmosphere ?
Airi : Yeah ! When you think about it, for the actual tour, we entered the stage in pajamas, so it's not really in the theme. But "Concerto" was a particular tour, with a cabaret-like atmosphere where we had to make ourselves pretty.
Namba : That's interesting. In this month's CD Journal, they were talking about the fact that they had to wear heels with outfits making their legs look pretty.
Saki : In fact, we're rehearsing with sneakers. So when we're on stage with flat shoes, it makes us feel like we're rehearsing !
Airi : When we're wearing the outfits for the first time during the general rehearsal, we see ourselves in the mirror with or without heels and we're the only one knowing if it looks better or not. In that case, we're thinking "We really need some heels". That's why I admire UP UP Girls, because they can have that casual look while looking very pretty.
Minewaki : They're back here doing an event right now !
S/A : Really ?! Hey, fans, come back here! (laughs)
Minewaki : So, wearing heels makes you enter the "live" mood ?
Airi : We're used to heels since "Ookina Ai de motenashite". Lately, for ANGERME or Morning Musume., only the very small girls are wearing heels, otherwise they'd be some problems with their growth or some would get hurt. But we were asked to wear heels since we were little, so we're used to it. When we were wearing tight shorts...
Minewaki : Tight shorts ?
Airi : Listen, listen ! I just noticed it recently but we really wore a lot of tight shorts in the past, don't you think ? (looks at Nacky)
Saki : Which outfits are you talking about ?
Airi : For example "Ookina Ai de motenashite" or "Kiss me Aishiteru" ! When we were rehearsings, the other groups' managers would tell us "It's not because your final outfits are not done yet that you have to go out with these mini-shorts..." and we were a bit annoyed like "Actually, that's our outfits...". (laughs)
Saki : "Dance de Bakoon!" outfits too !

Airi : Yeah ! Nacky and I had a piece of fabric to cover it but the 3 other members were all wearing mini-shorts.
Minewaki : Was it your manager who decided of that ?
Airi : I think it was Tsunku-san who was in charge of our outfits at that time...
Saki : I think you shouldn't have said that ! (everyone laughs)
Minewaki : Tsunku-san has a mini-short fetish !
Airi : No, no, I didn't say that !
Saki : Let's change topic !
Airi : Yeah, let's change topic ! Ah, my bad (laughs)  It'd be impossible to wear such shorts now.
Minewaki : So you were talking about getting in the live mood thanks to heels and body lotions... Are there any things that makes you feel like you're going to perform ?
Saki : Many things linked to smells, relaxation ! For example, I'm somebody who can't take a bath without bath salts...
Airi : It's so important ! We're so into bath salts !
Namba : You both are so girly.
Airi : Not at all, we're just into looking for bath salts at the convenience store (laughs) Even though sometimes they don't have some !
Namba : Because that's a conbini, it's not made to find bath salts !
Airi : Yeah but I'd still like them to sell some !
Saki : Even the ones that only make bubble !


Namba : Anyway, it's interesting to see that body lotion is so important to relax...
Airi : Having nice meals is also very important ! We're always checking the catering menu before our lives.
Saki : Yeah, if there's some eggs or natto, we're happy.
Airi : Sometimes there isn't though...
Saki : Depends of the regions.
Airi : That's what the groups' breakfast is like.
Minewaki : So you're eating... The eggs with the rice ?
Airi : We're mixing everything, the rice, the eggs and the natto.
Minewaki : °C-ute is the oldest group yet you only have natto and eggs at the catering ? What are the younger ones getting ? Salt ? (laughs)
Airi (laughs) : No, usually it's the same menu for everyone.
Minewaki : I was told that during Hello! Project lives, Morning Musume. would get sushis...
Airi : What ?!
(everyone laughs)
Minewaki : A long time ago, a long time ago !
Airi : Oh, alright !
Minewaki : I think Berryz Kobo members' told me about it ? During H!P winter concerts, the oldest members would get better things...
Airi : Ah, during the KIDS period right ? (looks at Saki) You remember ? During our lives at Nakano Sun Plaza...
Saki : Ah, yes, but they were our senpai so that's normal, right ? Now, everybody eats the same !
Minewaki : And why is that ? Paying attention to your weight and such ?
Airi : ...because we love it...
Namba : Alright !
Minewaki : You like eggs ?
Airi : More natto but... ahhhh in fact we love both...
Namba : You both ? °C-ute ? Everyone ?
S/A : Everyone.
Saki : We're crazy in the mroning "let's eat rice and eggs !".
Airi : And everybody's like "Yaaaay" and then Hagi-chan was poutting like "There's no eggs today...".
Saki : "We're in Kumamoto so there's no natto today..."
Minewaki : I can picture her say it !
Saki : It's even better if there's soy sauce.
Airi : As long as there's japanese food, everything's good ! Our leader once said "I could go on stage with just white rice in the belly".
Saki : I think that was for the Nakano Sun Plaza live of the °Concerto tour... We're seeing that part in the DVD for like two seconds, she's eating just before going on stage - when we all already ate.
Airi : During the Budokan live too.
Saki : What ?
Airi : Yeah, I think there was fried chicken ? Just before going on stage she takes one and is like "Okay let's go !" (laughs)
Namba : Eating rice only...
Airi : Well, she needs some rice with her muscles ! (laughs)
Minewaki : Does she train a lot to keep her muscles ?
Airi : Well, first, she's thin, so they stand out !
Saki : Yeah, and she told us that she used to do some abs with her brother and it somehow stayed.
Airi : And when she laughs, she also contracts her muscles.
Minewaki : Okay, so she uses her muscles naturally and doesn't really train. Because she's using them daily they're becoming like that.
Airi : Abs are really hard to make so I think it's because of that.
Saki : The thing I'm most amazed about concerning our leader is that she's 100% focused on what she does ? For example, during our lives, I don't know if she's focusing on the dance or anything, but she says she never thinks about the next song ! Me, if I'm dancing "Kiss me Aishiteru" I'll just think "Next one is Crazy, so I need to go there...", but Maimi tells us "Ah, I can't do that" so she lives the moment.
Airi : There's one time she asked us very seriously "I have something to ask you...". That's pretty rare but sometimes during our events or special lives, our setlist is put behind the speakers. She asked us "When are you checking it exactly ?" (laughs)
Saki : We're just looking at it normally ! (laughs)
Airi (laughs) : And she's like "I seriously can't look at it, is that really useful to have this stuck behind speakers ?"
Minewaki : Does she remembers ?
Airi : No, that's why she always makes mistakes ! She's like "We only rehearsed once but you remember the next song ! How are you doing , where are you watching ?" (laughs) She's focusing on so much she doesn't look anywhere else. But that's a good thing !
Saki : She's so cute when she's like that !
Airi : Right !
Minewaki : She's so cool.
Airi : Definitely an athlete.
Minewaki (looks at Namba) : There's another story like this...
Namba : Is that so ?
Minewaki : Su-chan from BABYMETAL... (Airi seems interested) She's also so focused in what she's doing, she never looks at her surroundings.
Saki : I never heard about this story, but that's something you can feel during their lives !
Airi : Right ! There's also no MC during their lives.
Saki : What ?!
Airi : Yeah.
Saki : They're giving it all for the audience.
Airi : It's incredible, their gaze during the live is amazing. So cool !
Saki : That's right, you went to see them once.
Airi : Yeah, it was amazing ! (Looks at Minewaki) Did you ever saw them live ?
Minewaki : Yeah ! It was great, at Tokyo Dome.
Airi (makes the BABYMETAL sign) : Doooome ! It was my first time seeing them, they were amazing.
Minewaki : That's why I thought your leader was like Su-Metal.
Airi : As we don't know Su-Metal outside her performances, we can't really tell...
Namba : And you both ? Are you training your muscles ?
Saki : We don't really have some... (fans screams "oooh").
Airi : What do you mean by "Oooh" !?
Saki : Well, we were never really bothered by it... Like "I can't properly learn that choregraphy because I didn't work on this muscle enough".
Airi : But our leader is not only helped by her muscles, she also has very tall legs so her steps are bigger than the usual people.
Saki : Yeah ! For example, in "Aitai Lonely Christmas", there's a part in the chorus where we have to move, and I can't make big steps so I can only just do one step and then catch the rhythm with my foot, but leader manages to be at the place where she needs to be in a single step so it's really bothering when we have to be synchronized for a choreography ! I have to really make it quick to catch her. It's the same for our latest songs "Mugen Climax" or "Ai wa maru de seidenki", we always have to switch position before the chorus and leader is so fast that I almost have to run so I often thought "Aaaah I'd like her to change her rhythm !" (laughs)
Airi : I think Nacky's incredible ! It wasn't broadcasted yet, but we had to film a performance of "Ai wa Maru de Seidenki" for a certain program, and at that specific time Nacky just described, the cameraman was filming from one angle where we saw Nacky, but when he started filming on the other side to see another member, Nacky appeared on the other side as well (laughs) As it's just her legs, you can't really see it if you don't focus but I thought it was great.
Namba : I think we have some footages of the MV...
Airi : Mai-chan got hit by my ponytail during the MV... Also, I really annoyed everyone for this one. The theme of our outfits was "something that represents the members' static electricity" so everyone was wearing pullovers and such, that attracts electricity... But Maimi-chan's and my outfits, especially mine, was made with fake angora fur. It's adorable, but the hair was flying everywhere ! When I was  walking already, but when I danced, especially because we shot in a closed studio without windows, all the hair flew and the members got some in their eyelashes, in their nostrils and such (laughs)
Saki : Just by touching her, you'd get hair everywhere.
Airi : When I removed the outfit I would get full of hair.
Saki : Like a cat.
Namba : So that's what we can see in that music video...
Airi : Hmm...
Saki : You can't really see it properly. We're creating some letters...
Airi : Yeah.
Saki : I think that's the main point of the MV...
(Everyone laughs)
S/A: Here's the second track of our single, "Ai wa Maru de Seidenki" !

(Talking while the MV is playing in the back)
Namba : So you'd get hair everywhere during the shooting ?
Saki : Yeah, I'm wearing contact lenses, and it even got in my lenses... But it went mostly on Airi so it was harder than us.
Airi : In my nose, in my mouth, in my hair... The short I was wearing under was all white after !
Saki : But we shot the MV with a smile !
Minewaki : Where is the scene with the ponytail ?
Airi : Not yet, just after this !
Saki : Are you sure ? I think we passed it already...
Airi : Oh, really ?
Saki : But there's so many versions of MVs now, we have the Hello! Station version and such... The promotion edit... So we don't know in which of them it is.
Airi : I tried to harden my outfit with hairspray ! Maimi-chan too. So they were too hard in the end. A lot of girls fans bought the same outfit to look like me in the MV and we haven't done solo promotions events yet but I'm sure my booth will be full of hair. Everyone was sneezing because of me, I felt so bad (laughs)
Minewaki : You should just harden it with hairspray as usual (laughs)
(The MV goes on)
Airi : Now ! Airi attack !
Namba (to the staff) : Could you please repeat the scene ?
Airi : Mai-chan really looks like she's hurt and I felt so bad.

Saki : It happened so many times. Whenever we're doing a ponytail.
Namba : Do you bump into each other often ?
Airi : Hmmm...
Minewaki : It's more because of your hairstyles ?
Airi : Right, like when we're passing in front of each other...
Saki : But it hurts even more when we straighten them. When they're curly, they're softer so it's alright.
Namba : Whenever I see °C-ute's music video, I remember...
S/A : Hmm ?
Namba : Baseball bear's Koide Yusuke-san...
Saki : Ah, he loves Maimi right ?
Namba : He made us watch so many times the "Tokkaiko Junjou" part where Maimi's talking. It made me think of that. Also the part where she's throwing the ball !
Saki : Do you want to know a secret about the MV ?
Namba : Yeah.
Saki : They used a scene of her holding the ball after she was supposed to have thrown it away. She throws it, then you can see us walking but in reality she's still holding the ball in her hand at that oment (laughs)
Namba : So that makes me wonder what did she threw in the sea !
Airi : Right ! (laughs) So many things happened during our past MVs...
Namba : Do you go back to watch them sometimes ?
Saki : The really old ones are pretty embarrassing...
Namba : Really ?
Airi : That's why the ones after "Kiss me Aishiteru" don't feel that old to us.
Minewaki : Because you're adults.
S/A : Yeah. That feels... recent ?

Saki (to Airi) : Which MV is the most embarrassing one to you ?
Airi (without hesitation) : "Tokkaiko Junjou".
Saki : Oh, really ?
Airi : But I have a bad memory of it ! I'm the only member that looks different on the CD cover and the MV...
Everyone : What ?!

Airi : That's right ! I remember it clearly but I had the shooting for "Tokkaiko Junjou"'s jacket just after having the Buono! event to introduce "Honto no Jibun!". So I went to the studio with my bangs up. My whole outfit was green, but during the MV shooting they told me I wouldn't be wearing that outfit and that I had to put my bangs down. And at that time, I had a really specific way of doing my bangs and was so complexed about my eyebrows... And it got on my nerves to have a look I wasn't prepared for. I was poutting the whole time in the location bus (laughs)
Namba : Let's watch it now !
Airi : No, no no no no no ! I really don't want ! Please ! Not now ! Watch it at home !
Namba : Well everyone, let's watch it at home !
(Fans screams "ehhhhh ?!")
Airi : You can watch it on YouTube anywayyyy, we don't have to watch it now !

Namba : What about you Nakajima-san ?
Saki : Hmmm... There isn't one that I particularly dislike but... if I talk about a funny one then that's "Dance de Bakoon!", with Airi and leader's scene, and the one with Chisato, Mai and me. We're like singing around one single microphone, and I was in the middle at the back. Chisato and Mai were getting in the groove and I was squeezed between them (laughs) I was trying to appeal but it looks like I'm hurt (laughs)
Airi : Sometimes it's pretty hard ! We were blinded by the sun during "Everyday Zekkouchou!!".
Saki : My hair were so bad on that MV, because of the humidity...
Airi : It was so sunny I don't have any memory of looking at the camera. My eyes were half closed the whole time (laughs)
Saki : It was pretty difficult, we shot on a roof... I was so hot.
Airi : It was so fun.
Minewaki : When was it ?
Saki/Airi : We don't know !
Namba : You don't know ! But you're being nostalgic about it.
Airi : For real... Even if our parents didn't take pic of us, our manager took so many of us that we didn't need more (laughs) You know when for a wedding reception people usually put pic of them as a child ? I think some of them would be official pics of us (laughs) As we don't have many pics with our family and such...
Minewaki : Yet you have so many footages of you as a child. That's memories you can always use !
Airi : But I'd really like to be able to delete some of them ! When you're searching for your name you never know which one's gonna come up first. Like bikini pics from our photobooks and such... I want to delete all of those ! I hate those !
Minewaki : Isn't it okay ? It's like watching the best pics of you at that specifical age.
Airi : There are many other pics for that ! You don't need bikini ones !
Saki : That's right... The bikini ones always comes up first.
Namba : Sorry, but that's because your fans are watching those (laughs)

Namba : You've now announced you're going to disband, and there must be many times where you're feeling nostalgic like this right ?
Saki : Yeah but the backstage °C-ute...
Airi : We're still the same. We don't realize it yet.
Saki : As long as we can eat eggs and natto on rice we're happy (laughs)
Minewaki : When I watched your Insta live just before this you seemed to have fun... But the last song of your single really feels like you're going to break up soon, "Singing ~Ano koro no you ni~".
Saki : Well it may seems like this, of course as we said we're gonna disband a lot of things are going to be linked to that disband from now on, but our feeling is that we really wanna do our best until next June to level up. Instead of feeling sad, we just want to learn as much as we can in that short time.
Airi : That's right, until the end.
(Fans claps)
Minewaki : Well, let's introduce the next song, from Tsunku-san, "Singing ~Ano koro no you ni~".
Namba : Especially because Tsunku-san wrote it, that song feels so real.
Saki : Because Tsunku-san wrote it, it makes us emotional.
Airi : We're really singing it as "a song Tsunku-san wrote for us". He's really like a father to us.
Saki : He is amazing at knowing our feelings. It makes us feel "how does he knows this ?".
Airi : The members' laughs in the middle of the instrumental is a direction from Tsunku-san. He said he wanted the members' laughing to be included so we had to record one. We actually recorded it after our Budokan live on September 5. Chisato did something funny and made us laugh but her voice wasn't on it (laughs) So we had to wait until a normal conversation and picked the best timing.
Minewaki : By the way, is there anything we have to pay attention to in that music video ?
S/A (laughing) : Well... Hmm... There's something really dumb...
Namba : What it is ?
Saki : The nose...
Airi : There's a part where it has so much light, you can't see Saki's nose.

Namba/Minewaki : It's not that bad !
Saki : But, my nose...
Airi : I love Nacky's nose the most.
Namba : You have favorite noses among the members ?
Airi : "She must be breathing so well with that nose" is what I think.
(Everyone laughs)
Saki : It have the same one as my father !
Minewaki : Do you often have parts of the others members you particularly like ?
Saki : I love Airi's profile, I think her face looks so beautiful.
Namba : Could you please show it to us ?
Airi : But my chin's so big (laughs)
Saki : For example in photobooks, there's always one picture that shows your side profile, so I'm jealous of her face.
Airi : But your nose is so cute, I want to take it with me (laughs) Anyway, that's not related to that but... The staff always tells us we're talking about too much things fans don't understand during our MCs. As we've been together since a long time, we're laughing about the same things that might not be funny for others (laughs) But anyway, each and every single member reacts to the other members' laugh. Whenever somebody laughs, we're laughing. I'm really bad with Nacky's laugh, if she laugh I laugh too.
Saki : Airi has a silent laugh, so that's funny too.
Airi : Right ! The other day I was watching "Sakura no Hanataba"'s DVD and there's a scene where I had to laugh. And as I'm naturally silent when I laugh, I don't know how you have to do a roar of laughter out loud so it was like "Ha.. ha.. ha !" (laughs) I had to take example on Nacky.
Saki : Yeah, I'm really loud when I laugh.
Airi : Like when we were recording the laughing for the song we just showed, Nacky's laugh was so funny I laughed too, but as I'm silent you can't hear me (laughs) It was very difficult.
Saki : Mai-chan is so cute, too. She usually puts her head back when laughing, but during our Naruchika tour, as it's very small venues, if you put your head back you bump into the wall... (laughs)
Airi : The memories...

Minewaki : Well, there's not too much time left...
Namba : We've been talking for 1 hour and 20 minutes already !
Airi  (looking at the fans) : Are you okay ? With the trains and all !
Namba : I think they're okay ! Well, I'm saying this but I don't know where they live (laughs)
Airi : Somebody said they have to take the bus !
Saki (looks at a fan) : From Osaka ?!
Airi : You know we're going to Osaka tomorrow, right ?
Saki : Let's go together (laughs)
Namba : I love that moment when it's late and we start to get really confortable and talk about stupid things (laughs)
Minewaki : Usually, it starts after 2 hours but...
Airi : I think we already did that pretty well (laughs)
Namba : By watching all of °C-ute's music videos I think we can last 5 or 6 more hours.
Airi : More than the music videos, we love our DVD magazines. We really act like idiots in them but we love watching those (laughs)
Saki : I really believe °C-ute's DVD magazines are the funniest ones !
Namba : Really ? There doesn't seems to be that much members loving DVD magazines.
Airi : But we're really idiots and they make us do stupid things (laughs) Usually, our tours start with Zama performances, and we watch the DVD magazine of the tour on the first date before the performance. Like there's one time we did a parody of the TV series "24".
Saki : Another one where we did like a board game on the floor, and at first we really thought it'd be boring but it ended up being one of the funniest one.
Airi : It was fun !
Saki : We have so many videos of us doing stupid things.
Airi : Yeah, we're sharing them on Airdrop.
Saki : I watch them when I feel down but if I watch them on the train then I start laughing alone (laughs)

(The members are promoting their tour)

Namba : It was NAKAJIMA Saki and SUZUKI Airi from °C-ute ! Thank you for coming !
S/A : Thank you so much ! Don't forget to move your ankles ! Goodnight !