2020-03-26 09:30:15 ♡To everyone

To everyone supporting me

It was just announced but
my Yokohama Arena live has been temporarily suspended.
The date and place of the postponement are undecided, but it is a performance that I want to make come true.

I learned the news on the phone,
on my way home after finishing the YokoAri live rehearsals.

I've been told

"The cancellation of the live has been decided.
All of the rehearsals starting from tomorrow
are also cancelled."

At that time,
As nobody knew about this,
I didn't know how to vent my feelings,
I put on a strong face and smiled.

However, when I contacted my family and friends about the postponement
and received their words such as "We'll wait for it alright, do your best",
I couldn't stop crying.

It's not anybody's fault but
my heart crushed thinking about
the surprising amount of time and energy I spent for it.

I thought
"So not being able to hold a live
is that painful, uh".

This time,
despite all the struggles,
the live and the goods,
are really something I want all the fans to see
There are some I'm making for the first time

It's really something I wanted you all to see soon.
Being excited thinking about what you'll say about it.

About the live, this time, stricter than ever
I gave my opinions about the production.

I had many meetings
since the beginning of the year.

I was always involved in the production of the lives' visual and stage settings but this time,
there were many things I wanted to do on the side of the music production.

Talking with my band member Maa-kun
asking him to make many instrumentals

At that stage
It couldn't be avoided, I was so excited about doing this live
I wanted everyone to hear those !
Haaa, I want to do this live !!

Then the staging rehearsals started,
I tried to dance to these various sounds

Haa, I really want to do this live !
I can't wait!Waaahーーー!!

I was rehearsing
while these words were overflowing from my mouth
again and again.

That's why, when I heard about the news,
for a moment, I was at loss about what to do.

Even though deep inside I was prepared about this decision,
when I came home that day I sat on the floor for awhile,
and couldn't do anything else


I really want to sing soon, do a live soon.

I realized how hard I was working for this event
and the impact on my mental,
was bigger than expected.

I've been able to do lives since my second year of elementary school
and it's probably the first time
I'm not able to do any.
That's maybe why it's so hard to digest.
Even though I know there's absolutely nothing I can do about it myself.

And among these,
I really got to realize
how being able to meet you all was a big part of my life
and how much you were giving me a vital power to live.

I really felt it strongly.

I'm so sad I'm not being able to meet you and
I'll be even happier when I'll see you
But in a different way
the fact you don't feel well at all because of this
makes me even sadder.

That's why
I will use all that power you made me accumulate so far
until we can share the same space again.

Really!!!That's a promise!!!

I'll try to think positive
"I got more time to prepare this live!Thank you!!"
and will work hard every day
to make an even greater live.

I'm really sorry to make you wait that long but
please stay positive!!!

Ah, but.
I'll do something about it.
We can't meet during lives but
there's surely something I can do.

I will not let go this connection I have with you all.

Thank you as always.

Please wait for the new schedule.

I really want to meet you all soon.

Suzuki Airi