2018-12-13 11:23:24 ♡How to work on your body.

Yaho, it's Airi 照れ

From around late November,
I started to get really motivated about working out.

When I posted a picture on my Instagram story
a lot of people asked me questions
like "What kind of traning do you do ?" and so on

To be honest, I haven't achieved any results
so I can't tell you what I do with much confidence,

This time, I started looking for body parts I have confidence in
and tried to pursue efforts to make them even better ニヤリ

I'm learning a lot more things
thanks to many encounters

It's important to be positive for that too.
If you keep doing things that are bothering you
it'd be hard to see any changes,
it'd be slow to produce results.
It takes a long time to achieve your goals, doesn't it ?

As for men,
I saw on TV that a lot of people train from the chest area and arms, where results are easier to achieve.
I'm sure that's because
Easier resultats = more confidence = more motivation = training continues.
It's probably easier to respect that flow.

That's why I've started to take a proper approach to the neckline,
which I've always kind of neglected because it's easier to get results from !

As for my butt, I'm getting results from the training I've been doing at the BOSTY gym where I'm going, so I'll continue ウインク

I have very weak abdominal muscles
It has been lightly cracked once in the past.

And one time, I've also made a mistake in my diet and lost a lot of weight in my upper body (and my buttocks disappeared too).えーん

Because I'm not a great example,
I've decided to work steadily
instead of thinking "Abs, abs, abs" ! ラブ

Also, it's recommended to take a picture of yourself when it you're at your worse
and look at it objectively!

Your back may be more hideous than you'd think.
You'd be surprised, you know... びっくりびっくりびっくりガーン

But it's also inspiring, and it's counter-intuitive.
You start to see the little changes that you didn't notice, and you'd be motivated to do more チュー

I recommend it!!!!

And above all.
Body make-up, skin care, etc.
If you can feel yourself getting any better. 
You'll feel so much better.

As for me,
If I'm doing the right things for your body.
My posture has improved and my headaches have gone away.

When I made an effort to raise my body temperature.
It got harden for me to get a cold and swell up.

For now, I experiment with my own body! It's like that.ニヤリ

The cold weather continues.
To avoid mental weakness.
Keep up your daily effortsーー爆笑

See you soon ラブ