2020-12-31 15:59:57 ♡2020

2020 just ended ^^

Nobody expected such a year.

If you look back at it
It looks like they were many painful and sad things,
Things we had to give up and things we cried for,
and many more other dark news.

It's also precisely because we were in such an environment that we've discovered new feelings, things we wanted to cherish, or that we understood that being able to meet the people we treasure shouldn't be taken for granted. 

I believe it's a year where we faced what really matters to us, things we were only able to notice because everything around stopped.

I'm trying to summarize all the works I've done this year while writing this blog entry, and there are even more topics to talk about this time.

I started to update my YouTube channel more often when the situation was still calm.

I tried to upload Dance Practice Video every single week.
Originally, it was supposed to be like a countdown until the Yokohama Arena performance.

But as the situation changed,
I had to entertain you by publishing videos of me eating karaage and such lol
I also did an aerobic exercise video hoping it'll help you enjoy your time at home.
All the self music videos I've published where I've chose my own make-up and my outfits because I think many more people are listening to music thanks to YouTube and I thought it'd be alright if there are not all well-produced music clips...
The Chika-chan cosplay video and such.

If I look back at it, I've released many footages to the world.

Particularly, I was able to stream my first live at Budokan
on the day my Yokohama Arena live was supposed to happen,
and I also streamed Buono!'s last live
and we all did the "Buono! at home" project.

Moreover, I've appeared on "THE FIRST TAKE" channel with Masayuki Suzuki 照れ

Until now, I've learned a lot about the YouTube world because I was watching a lot of videos
But now I've also gained many experience

I'm glad this YouTube helped people to get to know about "Airi Suzuki"
and love my past as °C-ute and Buono!.

Even though this alone made me really happy

As I wrote earlier,
My encounter with Masayuki Suzuki 
And the anime Kaguya-sama
Really made my whole year sparkle even more.

I've already talked about this in my live book 
That some of you received the last few days,
And I've also talked about my feelings for the cancellation of the Yokohama Arena live in my blog before,
So I'll try to keep it short, but...

For real, if I had to draw my emotions,
There'd all be interesting drawings,
Because I've felt so many various things every single day.

I'm full of gratitude for being able to have had opportunities to challenge things 
In many environments I didn't know yet.

I'm grateful to who I was 3 years ago.
It was 2017... °C-ute's disband, Buono!'s last live, college graduation, and my inner conflicts about my solo activities.

I've always kept the "3 years rule"* deep in my heart,
And thanked the past me for who I am now.
Maybe this year helped me to sow seeds for the future me.
(*t/n : "Your environment now is what makes the person you'll be in 3 years. If I'm satisfied with who I am now, it's all thanks to who I was 3 years ago. And if I'm struggling, it's because I didn't work hard enough 3 years ago. So, even if there's something bad happening now, it's all the result of 3 years ago, and nothing will change by worrying now.)

I keep going forward every single day,

I know there's also need to stop,

But as I can't help but move forward,

I'd like to do it while being true to myself,

And be in a state where I can gear up any time.

Opportunities come suddenly,
So I don't want to miss the chances I get

And don't want to waste them.

I'm a 26 years old

Still thinking about such things 照れ

About my music activities,

I had my acoustic lives

And my main tour was "Heart to Heart".

Throughout the year

I conveyed my feelings through

Other artists' words.

(t/n : Airi mostly performed covers this year)

This experience made me discover new feelings, and made me realize once again how much I love singing. 

I feel that music has helped me a lot this year.

But I'd like to sing more of my own songs next year 照れ

I only did sang and danced to my own songs at fashion shows this year 口笛

I want to go wild with you all soon!!lol


For my work as a model also

It was a year of change.

I appeared in more beauty magazines

but also launched my brand iDIMPLE.

I fought with complexes until now,

And all these new works were kinda linked to all I've researched about these topics.

A heart that continues to believe.

If I don't believe in myself,

Who will do it for me, right ?!!ニヤリ

I won't stop believing.

With that in mind, I want to continue moving forward in 2021.おねがい

Besides this,

There was the frustrating baseball opening ceremony,

"Golf Digest", in which I appeared with my father for the first time,

My MC work for NHK's Classic TV,

The program I've started on an application, BUZZ LAB.,

My first contact lenses with Candy Magic,

My evergoing collaborations with the brand Samantha,

My appearance in the magazine "Kids Tokei" where I've been interviewed by kids,

My model work in a wedding dress for the magazine "Zexy"

、、、And so on.

Looking back at it

Everything happened so fast

But it was such a fulfilling year 

I couldn't even imagine ニヤリ

There are many stuffs I've had the recordings or the shootings for,

I've did a lot of things to prepare for future releases in 2021, so please wait for a bit!!!

Even if I have to work a lot,

as it was a year where I've been surrounded by people's warmth,

I was very happy.

I've been receiving many messages 

related to my solo feature in Ray magazine,

You've also wished my birthday on Instagram 爆笑

I've tried to do lives every day for the golden week, too おねがい

I always think I'm grateful,

But I'm truly grateful for all of you.

Truly, sincerely. 

All the things I thought were natural,

I realized I shouldn't take them for granted,

You were already very important to me

But this year made me realize

How much you've been supporting me mentally too.


I want to give smile to

Every single person who's involved with me,

And I want to deliver courage. 

Nobody knows what kind of world it'll be in 2021,
But I hope that the days when you can laugh from the bottom of your heart will continue.


I really want to meet you all!!

Thank you for 2020照れ

I've wrote and erased many things

And now we're in 2021 笑い泣き

Still, let me set the blog update on December 31 笑い泣き笑い泣き笑い泣き

I'm counting on your support in 2021 as well!おねがい

I love you, Airimania!!!!

2020.12.31 Airi Suzuki