(Translation) Motto, Airimania. n°26 "My time of rest and relaxation"


The fast moving second half of 2020

I already talked about this in one of the previous episode, but when the lockdown ended, I was lucky enough to get a lot of work. Not only related to music, but also appearing in beauty magazines, producing cosmetics... I was able to release clothes in collaboration with a brand. I believe that if I had spent my stay-at-home time doing absolutely nothing, then none of this would've happened. It's because there was such a period that my amount of work has fortunately increased in the second half of this year. So even though I'm busy right now, it's only happiness.

Now it's important for me to have a relaxing time at home

Before my solo activities, I would go back home only to sleep. My life was packed with dance and singing lessons, lives, and I hardly got any time to rest. The only place I would be able to reset, where I could be the real Suzuki Airi was at school. But I graduated school and started my solo activities, and now, the time I can spend with my friends has become very important to me.
We've been on a lockdown so my way of working has changed a lot and I've learned to treasure my time at home alone. I cooked, did some stretchings, took my time to do the laundry... I think being at home has become my stress-relief.

Looking forward to eating good food

I'm so into cooking lately ♥ I started to take online cooking classes and am trying to be a better cook. Doesn't it make you happy to eat warm and delicious food ? It's really calming. Somehow it feels like everything that stressed you out's becoming so much lighter. It makes me think "Ah... I did my best today. Let's try even harder tomorrow !". I'm also cooking for one of my manager and my friend. It makes me glad to see them so happy. 
I've also started to eat a lot more sweet food as a reward to myself. I was the type of person not to stock too much treats in my house but I'm buying more and more chocolate ♥