(Translation) Motto, Airimania. n°25 " The woman I'm longing to be"


The gab between ideal and reality

As I wanted to get closer to the image of the woman I longed for, I tried to let my bangs grow when I was 20, but I still couldn't fill the gap because I was still a child inside. My image really is different depending on my bangs, that's why whenever I let it grow, I find weird the adultness ? The coolness ? it gives off. Also, as I became a Ray model at that time, I didn't think the bangs were fitting the girly clothes I had to promote so I got back to straight bangs very quickly. 
For my clothes as well, as I'm pretty tall, the t-shirt and skinny jeans looks didn't really look well on me so I gave up. I don't really have stylish face so I can't really express myself with unique clothing either. What suits me are simple dresses. Now I'm thinking that an ideal stays an ideal, and it's alright and you should accept it if it's unfortunately not what suits you the most.

Ryoko Shinohara has always been my ideal woman

I love her so much I always replied her name when I got asked about my ideal woman during interviews when I was still an Idol. Maybe I longed for her because her image was my complete opposite or precisely because there's no way I would become like her. But now that I've graduated from my Idol activities, I still long for her. That hasn't changed a bit. She looks commanding yet sexy. She'll be good looking in a simple t-shirt and jeans, yet she's mischievous. Isn't that amazing ? I also love her habit of pulling her bangs back ! Ryoko Shinohara has the coolness, the cuteness, the sexyness all at once, and I think she's a gorgeous woman.

In a good way, I want to be a woman who twist people around her finger

As I'm 26 now, I want to become a woman who never bend over backwards, in a good way. Because I've been in the entertainment industry since I was a child, I've always lived with people judging my appearance, what I'm saying and my potential. So I ended up being concerned about what people might think of me during work but also in private. When I would meet somebody, I would wear the style that person would most likely prefer. I had a great service spirit... So I want to become somebody who can claim "I am me !". Usually, I like to make people smile and make them happy, but I also thinks it's stresses me out sometimes... That's why, a woman who, in a good way, can twist people around her finger is my ideal. I'll work hard.