(TRANSLATION) Suzuki Airi - Adult style book "Airimania" - Part 3 - Suzuki Airi x Nakajima Saki discussion


Saki : Even before °C-ute became a group, I knew you were a nice person ! Do you remember the time I fell off the car ?

Airi : When you were the only one seaten on an auxiliary seat and your door opened when the car turned ?

Saki : Yes ! I didn't get hurt, but when I came back in the car you were the only one crying out loud. At this time I thought "She's so sweet !" while saying "Airi-chaaan !".

Airi : It was right after we've received some iced waffles as souvenirs, and Nacky fell while protecting them to death !

Saki : Actually, the waffles helped me like a cushion not to get hurt ! Since then, Airi never left me sit on the auxiliary seat. She was always guiding me like "Sit there !".

Airi : Nacky was always shy, well, that's still the case (laughs) Maybe I felt like I needed to protect her. At that time, to become closer to others kids, she would always bring snacks in a small pouch to give to them saying "Here, take this !".

Saki : Before becoming °C-ute, we were a part of a group of 15 children and of course, people are always separating into smaller groups of friends. I was aware of this even as a kid. There were a lot of times we were together. I don't really remember what I felt when I saw her for the first time though...

Airi : Really ? I remember that very clearly ! At that time, it was very popular to exchange your adress in a friends book, and even though the others did it very boldly, I remember Nacky was the only one to write it carefully.

Saki : For real ? (laughs) More than ten years have passed since then, so I really find it amazing we're still together.

Airi : We were often asked "Where would you like to be in 10 years from now ?" during interviews. I really didn't felt it would arrive so fast.

Saki : We experienced a lot of departures. When it became the 5 of us, many fans left too... I really didn't believe °C-ute would continue this long.

Airi : We really thought it'd be over at this time.

Saki : However the staff made us release singles constantly, packing up our schedules with many events... I'm so grateful. I believe that really helped us to regain fans.

Airi : When we became a 5 members group, I truly thought about quitting.

Saki : You were the center of °C-ute, so you had so much pressure. "I can't be weak, I can't complain". You must've had so many hardships there's no way we could've understood.

Airi : There was a time I didn't even talk about my private life with you. Until my high school graduation, I hardly talked about my private life with you all and kept everything for me.

Saki : Because of that, I always saw you as someone very gifted. But that's especially because you're working hard that you give off this perfect image. When you finally became able to open up to us more and talked about your worries, that's when I understood it wasn't all because you were talented.

Airi : My world changed a lot when I finally opened up to you. I understood the people who could support me were near me all along. And also, even though I thought about quitting, that feeling would go away as soon as I'd stand up on stage. That's impossible, there'd never be any other place where I'll find people who supports me like this.

Saki : There's a time I talked about the drama "Please Marry my wife" on my blog, and there's a person who commented "I also watched this movie. It made me think that I'd love to enjoy the marital life after °C-ute disbands". This made me sad, thinking about how much this person must be supporting us daily !

Airi : It may sound silly, but we're carrying their lifes... They're giving up their precious holidays to come see us during events, there are people who spent their lives supporting us. Despite the fact we've decided we'll disband, my feelings to express gratitude towards fans has become even stronger. That's why we need to treasure this period, and enjoy it to the fullest.

Saki : We need to do everything we can do.

Airi : By the way, it's not related but there've been a lot more people telling me "eat something in front of Nacky please" in blog comments (laughs) People seems to love the pics you're taking of me eating food.

Saki : As it's candid pics, there are really silly ones though.

Airi : It's true we'll disband, but I think we'll become even closer. There's no way we'll stop seeing each other.