details : Suzuki Airi FC Event 2021~Kokoro no Sakebi wo Choko ni shitemita~

date : 14.02.2021 - 14:30 & 17:30 @ Yamano Hall, Tokyo

- trivia

All the fans received special chocolates

Some lucky fans were able to win a signed polaroid

During the love talk, Airi was asked some questions

Q. What kind of love do you long for ?
I used to long for an anime type of love, like suddenly a stranger pats my head, or bump into someone who I'll fall in love with at first sight, but now that I think about this calm, these are kinda scary situations to to think of.

Q. What are the songs you'd like to play at your wedding ?
I think none of my songs fits for this type of events... Maybe "Chou HAPPY SONG" or "Happy Summer Wedding" ? My mother said "Even if it's just for a picture, I'd like you to wear a shiromuku*" so I want to respect her wish.
*traditional wedding kimono

Q. Do you think there's an age limit for dating ?
As for a younger person, she shouldn't be below the minimum legal age. I don't care about the age, but if it's somebody older, I may feel sad thinking they'll pass away before me, so I'll prefer someone with vitality.
She talks about the fact somebody during handshake event asked her "I'm loosing hair so can you please hold my hand and say 'Hair root regeneration'" ?"She hopes that person grown a few hairs after.