(Translation) Motto, Airimania. n°28 "Love"


Q. What makes you fall in love with a man ?
When they do they best. I'm always moved when somebody tries their hardest for one particular thing. Like having dreams or goals, being proud of your job... I think that's because I was raised with a mother cheering on my dad, who's a professional golfer.

Q. What happens if you fall in love ?
I can't breathe (lol) Also, I can't look that person in the eye anymore ! I become very stressed and I end up talking a lot about me without even noticing (laughs) I'm like a main character of manga who falls in love for the first time, thinking and worrying about what type of person she likes.

Q. Would you like to live with them or not ?
Hmm... Maybe just before mariage. I'm the type of person who likes to do the chores and I think I'll be able to adapt myself to his lifestyle, but if that means I have to work less, then no. I'm okay to live with him if I really decided I wanted to concentrate on my relationship, just before mariage. 

Q. What if you end up liking the same person as your friend ?
I withdraw. Unless he picks me... If that's the case, then I'll tell him I like him too. But until then, I prefer to forget him. Love ends when you break up, but friendship is forever so I'd like to cherish mine.

Q. Is there a type of person you dislike ?
Cowards who put the blame on others. Arrogant persons, or somebody who always tries to escape by saying things like "I don't know about that" (laughs). I'm okay if it's against me, but I really treasure how somebody's acting with others. If it's somebody I can't respect, then I can't see them as a potential lover.

Q. Do you want to love or be loved ?
Right now, I want to be loved. I wanted to love before and was the type of person to chase the other, but not anymore. My mother told me girls are the happiest when being loved, and after seeing happy families on YouTube I think that must be the truth !

Q. Would you accept somebody jealous or restrictive ?
Yes (laughs) I don't dislike that (laughs) If he tells me "Don't go eating out with other boys" then I'll be alright with it. That means he likes me a lot and I'll be happy about it. Having the same values is something important.
(t/n That is just an unrelated note and I never do such a thing, but what she says there is too important to be left out. Please understand that japanese people's view of relationships are not the same as it can be in your country. Unless you both agree with common rules beforehand, don't ever date somebody who excessively restricts what you do as a free person.)


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