translation : Maki Gotô, Ai Takahashi and Airi Suzuki - VOCE interview (2nd part)

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Q1. What's your favourite song from your Hello! Project days ?

Gotô : The last single I've participated it, Morning Musume.'s "Do it! Now". I remember trying my best not to show my lonely feelings and instead show my cool self during the recording. 

Takahashi : Gotô-san's graduation, Morning Musume.'s "Do it! Now". It was the first time I saw a senpai I admired graduate, which makes it a very important song.

Suzuki : It's pretty hard to chose, but it must be the debut single of the group Aa!, "FIRST KISS". Thanks to this song, I could show Hello! Project fans how much I loved to sing.

Q2. What's the Hello! Project song you would've loved to sing ?

Gotô : Morning Musume.'s "Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari ". The characteristics of each members were incorporated into the lyrics, so I wonder what would have been written if I had participated in it !

Takahashi : °C-ute's "Dance de Bakoon!". The song was appealing, the dancing was cool and everyone seemed to be having fun doing it. I envied them ! 

Suzuki : Morning Musume.'s "Kanashimi Twilight". I loved the choreography movements with the upper body during the intro. Even when I watch the music video now, I find it too cool ! 

Q3. Who would you choose if you could form a unit with any Hello! Project members, past or present ? 

Gotô : I'd like to perform a song with all my might with a members who are good at dancing, like Ai-chan or Airi. We'll thrive to show how cool we are !

Takahashi : Miki Fujimoto-chan. Since we both have very different personalities and tastes, I wonder what kind of chemical reaction would've occured if the two of us had formed a unit. 

Suzuki : Berryz Kôbô's Risako Sugaya. We were in a unit once. She's a member from the same generation as mine, and I think our voices worked well together so I'd like to see us sing together again sometime. Maybe we'll get the opportunity when she's gets a small break from raising her children ! 

Q4. The makeup points you can't miss these days ?

Gotô : I guess it's shaping my eyebrows in a feminine way. In my case, once my eyebrow makeup is done, I almost have my read Maki Gotô-face (laughs)

Takahashi : The fact I stopped caring about "This would look the best !" is probably the biggest change for me personally. 

Suzuki : I want people I meet to have a cheerful impression of me, so I can't get rid of my wish to hide the dark circles around my eyes (laughs).

Q5. The secret to keeping your figure ?

Gotô : I don't do anything special now, but during my Hello! Project days, I always checked the ingredients and calories of what I was eating. That became a habit, so maybe I'm subconsciously avoiding things that make me fat.

Takahashi : I usually try to check my body in the mirror when I take a bath. If I feel that my body looks different, I try to exercise as soon as I can, so that I can take action before it's too late. That's the hard part, though.

Suzuki : Compared to the time when I was dancing with the group every day, I feel like my body is getting leaner, so lately I've been trying to do aerobic exercises at home while watching "バニトレ" videos on YouTube. But I'm not good at restricting my diet (laughs).

Q6. Who inspires you in terms of beauty ?

Gotô : Every time I see Haruka Ayase in a drama or movie, I am impressed by how beautiful her skin is. She makes me want to take better care of my skin !

Takahashi :  I always check out Megumi Chikuni's Instagram. I'm such a fan that I'll even screenshot her recommended items and buy them right away ! 

Suzuki : I'm getting beauty advices from Nina Mori's YouTube channel. She always looks so young. I'm considering buying a skin moisturize checker because of her.

Q7. Tell us how to become better at singing !

Gotô : Well, I can't say I'm a big fan of voice training because I haven't been doing it for a long time, and I'm not happy with the quality my YouTube covers videos myself !

Takahashi :  I don't think I'm a great singer, but I concentrated on immersing myself in the world of the lyrics and expressing myself in my own way. I think singing is more about feeling than technique.

Suzuki : Since becoming a soloist, I've been focusing on singing with emotion instead of always respecting the pitch and rythm. When I was a Hello! Project member, I was impressed by the way Takahashi-san would get emotional and cry while singing. Now I'm beginning to understand that feeling.

Q8. What are the things you'd like to try out ?

Gotô : I want to create opportunities to interact with fans !

Takahashi :  I want to travel to Dubai.

Suzuki : I want to start pilates. 

Q9. A feature you'd like to try in VOCE ?

Gotô : I'd like to discover a new me by having my make-up done in many different ways.

Takahashi : My husband Abe-san has done a YouTube project for VOCE, so I hope to work with him as a couple someday!

Suzuki : I'd be happy with any project, but if it's about makeup to eliminate complexes that I've battling with during my time as an idol, I might be able to talk about it with confidence !