translation : Maki Gotô, Ai Takahashi and Airi Suzuki - VOCE interview (3rd part)

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Q1. Who do you admire ?
I've always loved Ryoko Shinohara. She's a very dignified, cheerful and cool woman. I'd love to be like her.

Q2. How are you so cute ?
No way, you need to see an ophthalmologist (laughs). Thank you so much. I'll try my best even more. I'd don't know how, maybe it's my baby face ?

Q3. How to balance work and study ?
That's just a spirit to keep (laughs) I don't want the things I've chose to be half-assed, so I tried my best to pour 100% in work and study.

Q4. Who are the members from your Idol era you're in contact with the most ?
Lately I've been going out a lot with Saki Nakajima. But I keep talking to all of them !

Q5.What's the favorite pun you've done ?
As I was watching old videos, I found one where I'm saying "Kono kuuki, kuu ki ?" (This atmosphere, are you in the mood to eat it ?). It was so ridiculous I shivered ! I'm so grateful some people were laughing at such puns.