2021-12-31 15:57:10 ♡The year 2021

 It's been a while lol

 is drawing to a close in the blink of an eye

Before I noticed it, it's been a year since I've updated my blog 泣き笑い

To think that the latest blog post was posted on this same day one year ago... I'm so sorry 悲しい

I like writing sentences, though.

But I'm the type of person who likes to stop everything to write all at once,

I hadn't noticed it's been a year since I've last wrote here lol


I'll still do my annual reflection キメてるびっくりマーク

I say that, but where should I begin?

2021 has been a year of new challenges, new encounters and a real sense of progress.

There's so much to talk about....

Should I detail everything precisely?

Should I do a month by month review?

Or should I divide everything by job ?

... It's difficult lol

Ah, but this year,

I've worked in so many different fields that I can divide all of my activities by job categories for the first time !!!

What job categories, are you asking ? lol

Here are the fields in which I had the chance to work this year

・As a singer

・As an actress

・As a fashion model

・As a beauty model

・As a radio personality

・As an MC for TV programs

If I have to divide it roughly, it'll look like this ニコニコ飛び出すハート

It's been a year of challenges and encounters.

I thought that acting, modelling and even MCing were not for me.

However, I've been given these opportunities and I've found new homes

that made me feel a warm and fuzzy feeling from the bottom of my heart.

I'll take a quick look back at each one 看板持ち

《As an actress》

・Yume mitai na koi shitai onna tachi

・140 ji no Koi

・Black Cinderella

・Kaisha wa gakkou janeen da yo

This year I have been involved in these four dramas.

I couldn't have imagined a future like this.

I remember spending the first three months of 2021 filming a drama. I'm a bit surprised that it happened this year. It feels like it's been years ago.

Sometimes I feel the job of an actress is very similar to singing,

and sometimes I think that's they're completely different.

Every single time,

I end up feeling frustrated with having many things to learn,

but I've spent rich days, thanks to the warm actors and staff.

It's odd to think what I learned at these places
definitely influenced my singing.

Thank you for these wonderful meetings and valuable experience.

《Fashion Model, Beauty works》

This year, in addition to "Ray", for which I am the exclusive model,

This year, I have been working with many magazines such as "ar", "Bijin Hyakka", "mini" and "CLASSY".

I've been a Ray model for about seven years.

It really is home now, they're my family !

Of all the Ray models, it seems I'm the oldest and the longest tenured.

I'll continue to be alongside the 20 year olds !! lol 泣き笑い

And beauty magazines

VOCE, MAQUIA, Biteki...

I'm very happy to be working for so many magazines that I've always wanted to work for.

But it also feels strange.
Sometimes I even feel a little scared.


I have now even more work I don't want to lose !

I love the feeling of being exposed to a new world

The feeling of being inspired again.

Whenever I work as a model

I feel like I can be a little bit more beautiful tomorrow, so it's always exciting to be there.

Also, it makes me want to prove I'm worth appearing in these.

I'll be 28 next year.

I've somehow been making efforts & cared for my body

but I feel like this "somehow" is starting to peel off.

I want to transform how I have lived up until now as my aura and persuasive power.

I know I'm raising the bar a little bit for myself.

I'm a bit excited about the year ahead.

I'm looking forward to growing old without lying to myself 昇天

What kind of aura can I release ? ニコニコスター

By the way, in terms of clothes

there was my bag collaboration with Samantha,

my one-piece collaboration with MIIA, and

there was also a one-piece collaboration with Arpege Story 飛び出すハート

I've done gravure work for FLASH magazine

and I've also been doing a beauty column for TBC's free paper電球

Did you notice ??目がハート

I would like to make the most of every encounter I have at various work places and connect with people firmly.

《Radio personality》

This year "Girinichi Airi's Potion" ended

And right now I have three programs :

・RKB Radio "Suzuki Airi no Airimania radio"

・TOKYO FM "Suzuki Airi no Easy to Smile"

・FM Osaka "LAUGH & MUSIC RADIO~Suzuki Airi no Airigatari."

There've been more and more places where I can connect with people without seeing their faces. Also, I have the feeling the number of people with who I'm connected only by these radio programs is increasing.

I think about the way I speak a little bit depending on the time of the broadcast.

I studied voice tones.

There's no end to what you can do if you want to dig into everything !
目がハート It's so fun !!!!

Keep it secret, but I've talked to my manager about the fact

Even though I like to talk a lot

Recording three shows on the same day

made me feel like my body and brain are going to explode! lol

Immediately after new year

You'll be able to ear "Kono Hoshi no Kiseki", the Chiba bank CM song

coming from my new album releasing on February 2

on my Easy to Smile radio  キメてる

It's a perfect song for this time of family gathering. Please listen to it指差し


・NHK E TV "Classic TV"

・TV Asahi YouTube

"Ōishi Masayoshi to Suzuki Airi no Anison Shinkyoku kabā desho de show‼ ︎"

Two more homes for me.

I am a real beginner in both animation and classical music.

I didn't know much about anything.

By being honest with myself about what I don't know and what I want to know, I feel that I have found my own place in these worlds.

And the reason I was allowed to have such a place

is thanks to my encounters with two of my seniors who I respect a lot

Shinya Kiyozuka and Masayoshi Oishi.

They inspire me every time we work together.

I really enjoy every recording.

Classical music and animation
made me meet touch so many new topics.

It's a great feeling to have new knowledge thrown into my brain.


In addition, I have the opportunity to sing in both of them.

Each time I sing, I study the background of the song I'm going to sing, so I'm exposed to new techniques and emotions, and I'm able to draw out more of myself. It's a very difficult moment, but also a very happy one.

I may be a masochist for work. Lol


It's only for work ♡ lol

But I'm so lucky...

Thanks to that, I became the type of person
to play classical music in her
and watch anime on her days off lol

I'm looking forward to working with everyone on both of these shows next year!


This year I've had many opportunities to sing.

I've had the chance to sing at the M-line concert, with °C-ute, at

I participated in Anisama, a summer festival for the first time.

I also had our first solo concert in a long time.

At Nippon Budokan.


I was really moved that day.

I realized that my place is here, after all.

I was so grateful to everyone who accepted me no matter what

I was filled with gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

It's been four years since I went solo.

Until last year, I had a lot of doubts

I was lost a lot and broke down a lot

I tried to live my life by saying words to inspire myself,

living my life in a way that I could move forward without looking back.

This year, something in my heart has changed.

I'm really, really happy now and I feel that this is the place where I can be me.

It made me happy to think that way again.

I know I will rely on you a lot.

I'm sure I'll annoy you a lot and worry you a lot, too.

But I am truly happy to have been a part of your life, even if only a little, and if I've met you, I hope that your tomorrow will be full of smiles.

When I started to sing

I wanted to be a singer who could give courage to others

But now

That's not my goal anymore.

It's something I think about every time I go on stage.

It's a bit of heavy lovelol

And the dreams that didn't come true

Let's make it come true someday!!!!!!!

*She's talking about her Yokohama Arena performance

When you are going through a hard time

I hope that my face comes to your mind and that my songs can support you.ニコニコ飛び出すハート

Hu hu hu ♡


I've had many more works besides that

・Collaboration with Diver City Tokyo Plaza

・Worked as a voice actor and sang a song in collaboration with Aimi for the RPG game "Panilla The Revival"

・4th year as Chiba Bank's CM egery

・Participated in a TV show with one of my best friend Sae Okazaki

・I was so nervous to record a variety show on Abema TV "Chance no Jikan".

・The first pitch of the Chiba Lotte baseball game, where I still didn't make it (for the 3rd time in a row) 野球

・Talked and sang on MUSICBLOOD

It was a great opportunity for me to talk about my catchphrase "the idol admired by other idols" and to sing some of my precious songs.

・I was in charge of a program called "Buzz Labo" on an app called smash.

・I sang Beauty and the Beast with Mr. Kiyozuka on the piano and Mr. Yoshio Inoue on NHK's "UtaCon"

・I sang a tribute to Martin (Masayuki Suzuki)'s song for Nivea's commercial.

・Did a show called "&Session" with BUZZ LA ZARU O EMAI on LINE Vision where I experienced improvised music for the first time

This may not be all

But please know I'll be working hard 

to keep you all excited next year as well !!!!

Soon, soon.

The year 2022 is coming.

It's my 20th anniversary in the entertainment industry.

An anniversary year.

I'd like to keep on working

while cherishing and being grateful of every single day.

Let's laugh a lot next year as well!!!!!!

I love you everyone!!!!!

Thanks as always!!!!

2021.12.31  Suzuki Airi