2022-01-03 13:54:00 ♡Relaxing on New Year

Happy New Year
to everyone reading my Ameblog!!!

In 2022,

I think I should update my blog a little bit more 泣き笑い

On a family outing at the beginning of the year

I was able to take very powerful pictures

so I thought I'll share this happiness with you 飛び出すハート

First of all, this one 指差し

What a lucky picture.

It was a place where the clear air 

made the clouds and the flow of water look a little bit strange 

and made me want to take a deep breath. ニコニコ

I love these types of places.

And this one too!!

I like how the blue sky looks 看板持ち

If you look at it whenr hearts feels heavy,

It will help you breathe more deeply.OK

It is better to share happiness than to keep it to yourself

That's what my mother used to say when I was little.

I think that's why, strangely,

I've become an adult wants to share it whenever she sees something nice  爆笑飛び出すハート

I will update this blog from time to time

I hope you'll stay with me  びっくりマーク

I hope there'll be many good things this year too〜スター