2022-01-26 08:41:03 ♡ One week until the release !

There's one week left

until my album 「26/27」飛び出すハート releases

so let's be excited like a countdown ! 昇天

Well, that's was just a reminder... (lol)


The pic is an offshot from the other day's "Nanji nanfun" reading event.

I look like I'm cold (lol)


Ah, I'm showing my eyeshadow there 知らんぷり

Recently the world has become even more difficult.

Please take care of yourself everyone 悲しい

The Suzuki team,
is working even more carefully.

Get balanced meals

sleep a lot

and don't forget to wash your hands and gargle !

I hope the next time we meet, it'll be with a smile on your face ニコニコ

Well, I'm going to have natto and kimchi nabe for dinner ひらめき

I have to prepare it soon!!!!!!