(2022) Details | Airi Suzuki - Heart wa Oteage


- Airi Suzuki's second solo single
- This is the ending song of the third season of the Kaguya-sama : Love is War anime
- This is the first Airi Suzuki solo song to be tied with an anime
- The song was first unveiled on March 18, 2022 during the World Premiere promotion event of Kaguya-sama : Love is War's 3rd season, but officially announced as a single on April 20, 2022.
- Airi said she remembered the choreography the same day she shot the MV.
- An official website has also opened to promote the release
- Release date : June 1st, 2022
- Charts : First week ranking : #24, 1577 copies sold.



・Regular Edition (CD)

1. Haato wa Oteage
Lyricist: Kumiko Takahashi | Composer: Yoshiki Mizuno | Arranger: Akimitsu Homma
2. Haato wa Oteage (TV Size Ver.)
3. Haato wa Oteage (Karaoke)
4. Haato wa Oteage (Instrumental)


・Limited Edition (CD + Blu Ray)

1. Haato wa Oteage
2. Haato wa Oteage (TV Size Ver.)
3. Haato wa Oteage (Karaoke)
4. Haato wa Oteage (Instrumental)

Blu Ray
1. Kaguya-sama : Love is War Ultra Romantic (Non-credit ending video)


An L-sized bromide is included in every first press Regular Edition. 4 designs are available (3 normal and 1 secret). 

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- All partner shops (TOWER RECORDS, Sony Music, HMV, etc.) : original sticker 

- Rakuten Books : original pin badge

- Amazon Japan : Megajacket

- 7net : original acrylic charm


- Tsutaya Online : A4 mini poster

- Animate : Anime L-sized bromide