(2022) Translation | Airi Suzuki from A to Z (Ray magazine)

Source : Ray magazine December 2022 issue
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A - "Arigatou" (thank you)

My motto, which I have cherished for the past 20 years since my debut, has always been "Thank you", a word of gratitude. When you're with people for a long time, you become used to it and tend to forget this feeling, so I try not to let that happen ! I really feel that it's very difficult to be able to properly express gratitude to others and to be a person who is appreciated by those around you, so I always act with these words in mind. I myself get a lot of courage when my fans tell me "thank you" ! ♡

B - Blood type

My bloodtype is B, but two of my best friends Sae Okazaki and Erika Matsumoto, as well as many staff members with who I'm working, are B types. All of my surroundings are B type (laughs) Thanks to all the amazing B type people I've met, my complex just vanished. Type B had a negative image because the fortune-telling always says that they're self-centered. When I was a student, I was sometimes ridiculed for it. However, we have policies, are independent, and are people of principle.  As I grew up, I realized that this was something I could respect, and now I am proud of it!

C - Collection

I am a curious person, so my favorite things changes in a rather short span of time, but I have always loved and collected fragrances. When I meet someone who smells good, I always ask what scent they are wearing. My longtime favorite perfume is from LANVIN's Eclat d'Arpège. I was so fond of the scent of a senior I passed in the hallway at school when I was in junior high school that I asked her what it was and imitated it. I recently came across LINC ORIGINAL MAKERS No. 928 aroma candle, which is the main scent in my home. I use ESTEBAN neroli in my entrance. My other favorite scents include Aesop's Marrakech, Diptyque's Do Son, and Tobacco Cedar by APOTHEKE FRAGRANCE... My favorites are increasing one after another !

D - Direction

For my artist activities, producing cosmetics, even for my 20th anniversary photobook, I'm involved in many projects from the start. The important thing when directing something is how accurately you can convey your feelings! It's difficult with just words, so I'll create PowerPoint presentation materials by myself with pictures that match the things I imagine with my own drawings. I can make use of my college experience during these behind-the-scenes duties.

E - Eat

I believe everyone knows how much I like to eat (laughs) A lot of fans have told me I look happy or enjoying myself when I eat, but it seems like there are a lot of tweaks in the way I act while eating. I clap when I pick my meal at a restaurant, I measure the temperature of hot food with my upper lip, and I say "let's go" before eating. I don't know how I acquired these habits...
By the way, if I ever have to choose a last meal, I would choose sukiyaki or my mother's fried chicken!

F - Finger

Not a lot of people notice it, but my fingers are actually very long. These fingers that makes the stylist cry because the rings they provide me for shootings are always slipping off them. My pinky finger is a size -3, and the weight of my phone causes calluses on it easily. But just because my fingers are thin doesn't mean they're weak. When I do massage, I apply a lot of pressure, and people who like pain praise me for it!

G - Gift

I love to give and receive gifts ♡ My favorites are gifts with a letter. Everything I've received until now, from fanletters to mini cards given to me by people at work, I kept them all! They're in my room at my parent's house. I never forget to put a letter when I offer a gift to someone. I always put a message when I give Valentine presents to Ray magazine's staff, and I also gave message cards to every cast member and staff members on the last day of my "ANIMALS" shooting. I also make it a point to express my gratitude in writing.

H - Heels

In my daily life as well as during my lives, I always wear heels ! We had heels for ℃-ute's costumes from the beginning, and when I realized that we had become a group where everyone could dance in heels, I wore heels by default, except when I was at home. When I'm on stage, 12cm or more is best to respect everyone's balance on stage. Even in my daily life, I wear heels of at least 5cm. Flat shoes are cute too, but I can't get used to them and they make my feet cramp.

I - Inspiration

I'm always on the lookout for new ideas that will lead to new work, such as "I want to use this in my lyrics," or "I want to use this in my live performance". I need to have a high sensitivity to inspiration, but I can't get it if my brain is too tired. In such cases, I push on the acupressure points on the top of my head. It will reduce swelling on my head and relieve my fatigue.

J - Journey

In the 20 years that I've been in this industry, I don't recall ever taking a vacation of more than 5 days in a row, except for New Year's Day. But this summer, I was able to travel together with my family which was quite refreshing! I realized how nice it is to travel and be free from work deadlines and social networks. If I get the chance to take a long vacation, I'd love to go to New York city and experience the real entertainment. I'm the type of person who can't detach my mind from work while on vacation, but I value the stimulation that can only be experienced on a trip.

K - Knowledge

I have a strong desire to move forward, so I get excited when I come across something I don't know. When I have a good feeling about something, I immediately look it up because I want to know why it's good. I like talking with friends who can teach me new things, and I tend to listen to and analyze the hobbies and lifestyles of teenagers. It sounds like a lot of work when I say it, but I'm applying the knowledge I've gained in this way to my work, but for me, it's so much fun I can't stop doing it!

L - Lives

I have worked in many different jobs, but live performances are the best because they allow me to be myself and give me confidence. I'm always nervous and scared that my singing voice may change if my physical condition is slightly different, but the best thing is that I can be in the same space with my fans as an artist and share the same feelings with them. It's a place where I can give 100% of myself as a human being and as Airi Suzuki, and exchange energy with my fans. I'd like to keep doing them no matter what! It is the core of Airi Suzuki.

M - Music

Music is a must also in my private time. However, the style of music I encounter in my work and the music I listen to in private are very different. At home, I use a playlist of cafe music or classical music without lyrics as background music in my daily life. I also like to play songs through the TV speakers. Whether it's a song with lyrics or a song that goes on in earphones, my mind is so focused on the song and my head is spinning so fast that I can't concentrate on other tasks. Maybe this is because I'm a workaholic ?

N - Name

My parents chose this name because they wanted me to become a rational child loved by anyone. Also, my parents took care of my luck with the total number of strokes in my last name and first name, so I should get a good result if I ever get a stroke count diagnosis! They also said that they reduced the number of consonants to make it easier for people overseas to pronounce, so it makes me happy to think that my name will be accepted worldwide ♥ I have been called "Airi" and "Airi-chan" since I was a child, and of course, there were times when I wanted a nickname when I was an idol, but after I realized that my name was that strong, I fell in love with it even more!

O - OK

I never turn down job offers, or invitations from friends. Even when I receive urgent requests during busy times of the year, I usually reply immediately with an "OK". I do turn down things I don't think I can do, but when a challenge or an unexpected opportunity suddenly presents itself, my motto is to take it. I prefer to do it and regret it afterwards than not to do it at all!

P - Positive

Even if you are troubled, it's a chance to evolve! Negapositive conversion,which turns negative thoughts and words into positive ones, is one of my specialties. The words I say after converting them into positives seem to cheer up the people around me, but telling them to myself is also important to lift myself up. If I'm not cheerful, I can't cheer up others, so I want to be a positive evangelist who can raise my own level of happiness and always lift everyone up!

Q - Qualification

I enjoy requesting information on certification exams and courses (laughs) I really want to get a certification, but I'm satisfied with just ordering the materials, and the booklets are piling up at my desk...  The next thing I want to get stumped on is the Aromatherapy certification and Aromatherapist certification. I want to study my favorite scents and apply them to spatial design and health care. This time, I will do my best!

R - Ray

One of my home found outside of music. A place that taught me the joys of fashion and allowed me to meet some of my best friends. I have seen the older members of Ray, who are naturally stylish, so the title "model" doesn't quite fit me yet, but now it's true that my lifestyle looks like the one of a model. So, I will try to live a lifestyle that I can communicate to Ray readers without lying, and as the oldest of the current Ray models, I would like to lead them all!

S - Suzuki

We are a family of four: my father, mymother, myself, and my younger brother. The girls' team consists of my mother and I, who talk and sing a lot, and the boys' team consists of my father and my brother, who nod their heads in agreement. This has been the structure of the Suzuki family for a long time. Recently, however, my father's sense of humor has improved, my younger brother has also started to make fun of the father's antics, and all of us have become a very pleasant family. In addition to our cheerful personalities, our family is characterized by beautiful skin and a low incidence of acne. I'm especially grateful for this inheritance from my parents!

T - Tear

The older I get, the more I realize that I easily cry. Recently, I cried a lot when I watched the final episode of the drama I worked in, "ANIMALS" at home. Even though I cried hard on the set, when I watched the episode broadcast, I felt again "Oh, so this time it's truly the end", and I cried aloud by myself.

U - Unit


The four units I participated in during my time in Hello! Project were Aa!, °C-ute, Buono! and Dia Lady. Now, there are things I can do because I am solo, but on the other hand, there were many things I was able to achieve because I was in a unit, and that made realize once again the advantages of being in a unit or a group. In fact, in the first grade of elementary school, I received a C in the "team work" section of my report card, but after joining H!P, I received a A, which is the highest rating I've ever received. I've always preferred to be on my own, but I learned about group behavior and the importance of building trusting relationships with people outside of my family through these unit activities.. Especially ℃-ute, since they're my friends since childhood, and they are irreplaceable for the rest of my life!

V - Vitamin

The best vitamin for me is sunlight in the morning! I always remember learning in elementary school that morning sunlight is the best way to get enough vitamin D, which is important for bone health, immunity, and mental health, and that dried shiitake mushrooms are the best source of vitamin D. I'm not good at mornings, but if I open the curtains and let sunlight into the room, even while I'm still in bed, my brain becomes more active.

W - Weak points

My weak points : bright light, warmth, being rushed, horror, coriander, insects, marble.
I have trouble with shooting because I can't open my eyes due to bright light. I have my own pace and don't want to be rushed by others. I get nervous in rooms with marble because they look like hotels. Surprisingly, I have a lot of weak points (laughs).

X - XL size

When I get my own live t-shirt, I basically choose the XL size. I like a loose fit, considering that it will eventually become room wear. I also wear large size clothes other than live T-shirts. I recently bought a pair of sweatshirts in men's XL size. I like oversized style.

Y - Yaeba (double tooth)

Spinach and sesame seeds get stuck in it, and I'm sure this is the cause of my bad articulation when talking. I always thought that I had to fix my double tooth to be top-notch because the most popular actresses and models have perfect teeth. So I've tried to straighten my teeth many times, but it's difficult to continue because of my work, and my fans say they like me as I am. That's also something people always emphasize when they do fanart. I decided to admit that my double tooth is my charm point and just go with it!

Z - Zzz...

Health care, positive spirit, inspiration... No matter what I start talking about, it's all related to sleep. Getting plenty of quality sleep may be the key to creating Airi Suzuki! By the way, one of my specialties is that I can sleep anywhere. I fall asleep in the car trains without thinking. I would like to get an average of 8 hours of sleep if possible. On holidays when I have no plans, I don't wake up until I'm hungry !