(2023) TV | Ano-chan no Dendendenpa♪

Broadcast : May 4
Content : Airi Suzuki and ano exchange about their idol pasts and give advices to active idols

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Quick english translation :

Airi enters and they eat a cheesecake. The mascot of the show introduces her, ano says she thinks Airi's very cute and looks like a princess, Airi says she's not. Ano said she saw how great Airi's singing was on TV, singing "a song she didn't really understood" (everyone laughs)

They then start talking about Airi's debut. She still remembers the choreographies because "H!P's really strict, the girls who couldn't do it properly had to stay very late" so she knows them by heart
They ask Airi to show it to them. Airi dances to Ayaya's "GOOD BYE Natsuo" and is so embarrassed.
Ano tells her story about how she got into the entertainment industry. Airi says she loves her singing which she finds very cool. The mascot says they're both like light and darkness.

For the second part of the show, they have to use their experiences to answer active idol's worries.

"I'm concerned about my lack of popularity because there aren't many penlights with my color & I don't get to take a lot of polaroids. Do you think I should retire ?"
Airi says she should do it if she won't have regrets. However, if she's concerned by the penlights, that means she still has hope their number increases, so Airi personally thinks she shouldn't give up yet. She should stop if it's too hard for her, if it makes her sick to the point she can't sleep, because it'd be easier to find another career path early on.
Airi says she understands her because when you see a fan who held a penlight of your color having another member's color at a later live because they changed oshi, your heart breaks. Like "So they switch girls like it's nothing ?". Airi looks concerned when ano explains it's no better when you have a lot of fans holding your color during live, because you feel very uncomfortable towards other members. She says it'd be easier if all penlights were rainbow-colored.

"I think I look pretty, but I can't catch fans' attention. Why is that so ?"
Airi replies "looks aren't everything". Her parents looked at H!P Kids popularity rankings when she was younger, and when she entered the room she saw she was ranked last. She felt really bad but everyone else was so cute it couldn't be helped.  At that time, H!P Kids still couldn't show their singing/dancing skills so the ranking was made by the members' looks. Airi thought "I'll definitely show them what I can do on stage with a microphone !". That's when she started building her idol image, with her thick bangs that never moves in live, even though staff were against it because they thought it was not very natural. But then many girls (other members/idols) starting imitating her so staff stopped talking about it. So Airi advise Kurori to start looking at the things she lacks of, to change these into strong points she can develop. Because Kurori says "I think I look pretty", Airi thinks she's someone who sees her strong point, but she believes she should look at her weaknesses so she can work on them. 

Anonymous idol
"I can't stop farting in live. I feel like I'm betraying fans. Is it just me ?"
Airi says "Actually... I also had a junior, let's name her B. There's a choreography where A had to lift her, and whenever she did, B couldn't stop farting right in her face."
Ano says she shouldn't worry about it and "release what she has to release". It happened when she drank on stage (she doesn't say if it's burp or sweat). She says fans likes her anyway. Airi replies "They're like 'that's her holy water !'". Airi says they had a member (Maimi) who sweat a lot during lives and whenever she turned for choreos she would splash fans, but they were like "that's The Beauty's holy water". Ano says the Anonymous Idol shouldn't be embarrassed. They agree she should tell fans "Count how many I did today".

Niinanja's Mizuki
"I've never been popular in my daily life. Tell me how to get a BF."
Ano : She's an Idol and wants to get a boyfriend ?
Airi : She should start trying to find one after she graduated from her Idol activities.
Airi says she wasn't very popular in her daily life (at school, etc.) when she was an Idol. Ano says the Idol should go to a "shared seating Izakaya", where you can be sat with strangers.  Airi says it'd be hell if she finds fans there. Airi says she has to choose what she wants : focus on her work or enjoy her “popular girl” life.

The mascot asks if they have anything they want to get each other's opinions on. Airi says she's been active for 20 years now, so there are less and less people to tell her "You should do this !" "Aren't you lacking that ?". She'd like to get more pro advices. Ano says she finds the fact Airi is talkative and easy to talk to is great, and she didn't know that part of her, so she should definitely show it more - including the dance she did at the start of the EP. Airi is scared it breaks her persona if the shows it, but ano says she should break it, because ano really thought she was like a princess (in a negative way). Airi says she hates when people calls her that. ano believes it'll make her gain more fans, and Airi says she's glad she got to know this side of her & that she was invited today.

She then performs "heart notes".