(2023) TRIVIA | Airi Suzuki's solo debut 5th anniversary

Airi Suzuki celebrated the 5th anniversary of her solo debut on June 6.

She tweeted :

Today marks 5th years since my solo debut ☺️ I had a very happy time thanks to you all. More than half of it was during C0V1D, so I hope to start a new chapter from here🥰 I still have dreams I wanna make come true, and I'm proud to have you as travel buddies ☺︎ Love you 🫶

Her staff gave her a cake after the rehearsal of her upcoming tour, and she posted the following on Instagram :

Thanks to you all, I could celebrate my debut's 5th anniversary ! Let's enjoy using... (her tongue slipped) making history together in the new chapter of my 6th year !

Here's her message to fans on this occasion :

Today marks the 5th anniversary of my solo debut ♡
Time has flown by so fast, can't believe it's number 5 already.
There's a thing I've been thinking of lately.
The thing that makes me the happiest, the most frustrated, making me have the best time ever, and also makes me feel grateful is when I'm doing musical activities.
Because I love music, there must be, somewhere deep in my heart, some longings and expectations I'll have for the rest of my life. I know it'll be hard for me to be satisfied with myself or have confidence at times. So I may continue to rely on you guys' help from now on as well.
This space I want to protect cannot be created by myself only. I want to continue to make my dreams come true while holding tight to the fact that it's only because of the support I receive from the staff and you, who are reading this ☺︎
If I'm able to stay Airi Suzuki, it's because of your support, more than you probably think. So thank you ☺️ I will continue to sing, so I can bring even a little more smiles to your face tomorrow. I'm counting on your support on this 6th year as well !!!! 🫶 Airi.
 She also liked the tweets of the fansite congratulating her. Thank you, Airi !