Airi Suzuki appears on Akari Yoshida's YouTube channel

Akari Yoshida published her video with Airi Suzuki on her official channel

Quick translation :

- They say that they used to do their make-up by themselves during their idol days and got used to their face looking like how they did it, so when they became models, they were bewildered sawing what it looked like with pro make-up. 
- They met when Akarin released a photobook via Shufunotomo (Ray's magazine editor) and Airi was doing a shooting. Akarin when to see her to give it to her and she says Airi was so nice, they immediately clicked.
- As Airi was in UP-FRONT MUSIC SCHOOL, she was involved with UP-FRONT since she was 5, so she has been in the company longer than any of the actual staff members. That's why she's staying there.
"I considered a lot of things, but I thought, 'As I came this far, I may as well spend the rest of my life giving back to this company'."
- Akarin thinks Airi's great because she always tries new things and goes straightforward. Personally, she's scared of it because she feels that "when you're an Idol, you're forgiven for a lot of things" (Airi agrees) People don't expect you to be perfect or are a bit more flexible about the results you give. But when you graduate, you notice it's not that easy outside and you have much more responsibilities.  Akarin says it's going pretty great for her (her make-up brand is popular and all), but she's scared if she tries new things and sucks at it, people who are admiring her might think "She's not that great" so she sticks to what she can do. Airi understands her point of view and says it's not a bad thing, as it helps you stay confident. But for her, it's actually less scary to try new things now than when she was an Idol. She's happy she still got new things to learn and experiment.She was comfortable when she was in °C-ute, because whatever happened the members were here, but now she's all alone so all her mistakes may be noticed. She was really scared of it at first, because she didn't want fans to see these parts of her, but since she shot "ANIMALS" and was seen without make-up on screen, she says life is easier to live. She couldn't even go to the convenience store without make-up before, because she was scared to meet somebody who would recognize her and think "So that's what Airi Suzuki looks like in real life ?"
- Airi says fans must think she's really a tidy person who has her life in order, living in a perfect and clean apartment, but really not. The fact people think this is how she is actually gives her motivation to become like that.
- As they talk about work, Akarin asks her if she has any goals, Airi says °C-ute used to have some, but being solo she thinks having goals restrains your possibility, and she prefers to accept any chance that comes her way.
- Akarin says she likes Airi because she's a pretty cheerful person, but she says she's also a perfectionist. Airi says she doesn't like to do work if she's not 100% of her capacity, so she turns down offers when she can't do it. She says however lately she feels her "100% capacity" is getting wider and wider (meaning she rarely turn down offers lol) She says "I wanna go on a triiiip !". When Akarin asks her if she has any days off, Airi looks at her right (where is probably her manager Memi) and laughs. She repeats she wants to go on a trip, so Akarin tells her "Let's go together !". Airi says "Please take me". They end the video promoting the drama "Oshi ga joshi ni narimashite" as they both appear on it