Airi Suzuki collaborates with "Oshi no Ko"'s character Ai Hoshino for Amazon Music Japan

A new collaboration between Airi Suzuki and Ai Hoshino (Oshi no Ko) for Amazon Music Japan has been announced.
鈴木愛理と星野アイ(推しの子)のAmazon Music Japanでのコラボレーションが発表されました。

Amazon Music Japan has a popular playlist series called "Have you heard it yet?" (もう聞いた?) where artists present songs they like according to a theme or not.
Amazon Music Japanではアーティストがテーマに応じて好きな曲を紹介する人気プレイリストシリーズ「もう聞いた?」を配信中。

For this 4th promotional campaign, Airi Suzuki has been chosen along with Ai Hoshino, the protagonist of the anime Oshi no Ko, to appear in the Amazon ads and also make two playlists.

・First CM
Amazon Music CM 「もう聞いた? 推しのリレー」篇


・Second CM
Amazon Music CM 「Amazon Music Prime 覚えちゃった」篇


・First playlist
Have you heard it yet ? Airi Suzuki's delusional picks "if I ever had to make the strongest idol songs TV program"
もう聞いた? 鈴木愛理の妄想推し曲 〜最強アイドル歌番組を作ったら~

・Second playlist
Have you heard it yet ? Airi Suzuki's eclectic list of songs she could listen to on repeat
もう聞いた? 鈴木愛理の偏愛ヘビロテ推し曲

Various promotions have also been announced.

・Peel-off ad with polaroid-like cards to be displayed at various japanese stations starting Nov. 20. The cards are limited, there's 2 for Airi & 2 for Ai.
・A post will be made on Amazon Music's japanese account today. If you follow it, repost or quote the post, you'll access a video of Airi talking about her favorite artists.