Two new Airi Suzuki radio shows have been announced

A spin-off program of the radio show "Shuumatsu mo Suzuki Airi no Airigatari" supported by Amazon Music has been announced to be broadcasted every Saturday at 9pm on FM Osaka and TOKYO FM from Nov. 18 to Jan. 27, 2024.
『週末も鈴木愛理のあいりがたり。supported by Amazon Music』11/18(土)〜放送スタート!

The goal of the program is to create a unique playlist with the listeners. All listeners who create a "song introduction card" on the program's campaign website (TBA) and post it via X will receive a limited edition photo of Airi as a gift via reply. Sign goods winning chances too.

An exclusive Amazon Music podcast "Mou sukoshi Suzuki Airi no Airigatari." has also been announced.
20 episodes to start broadcasting every Monday from November 20.
Amazon Music番組「もう少し鈴木愛理のあいりがたり。」も発表されました。

It will be available for every user who has an Amazon Japan account.
That will make 5 active radio programs for Airi Suzuki.