Official streams of "Suzuki Airi LIVE PARTY No Live,No Life??!" announced


Official stream of Airi's current tour has been announced on Hello! Project Stream !
・ Date : Feb 24 from 6pm JST
・Ticket : 4000 yens for FC members / 4500 yens for others

「鈴木愛理 LIVE PARTY No Live,No Life??!」配信決定!

Airi Suzuki will also do an after talk livestream after the tour stream
・Date : Feb 24 from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm JST
・Ticket : 500 yens for FC members / 1000 yens for others

鈴木愛理 NLNL3 ~アフタートーク生配信」の開催も決定しました