(2024) DRAMA | Aru hi, Shimokitazawa de

"Aru hi, Shimokitazawa de" (One day in Shimokitazawa, ある日、下北沢で) is a one episode drama starring Airi Suzuki as the leading role, aired on March 17, 2024. It also aired on BS11 on March 24, 2024.


This is a human drama mixing music & love for Shimokitazawa.
She will play the role of a character also named Airi, working at a vinyle store and faces her true feelings after being involved in a "phantom vinyl incident".


Airi's official comment

Even though we share the same name, I constantly want to chase my dreams, so I'm the complete opposite of the drama's character who's more okay to stay the way she is. I wonder if I would've become like her if I didn't enter the entertainment industry !


coming soon

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