(TRANSLATION) Airi SUZUKI - "Even alone, she must be invincible!" (Interview Modelpress published on 26/07/2017)

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Even alone, Suzuki Airi is without any doubt invincible ! About ℃-ute's disband, promises with the members... What did she do the next morning of her graduation ?

The style book of Suzuki Airi, exlusive model for "Ray", is very popular. One month after its release on May 23rd, it has been reedited 3 times. Even if her main activities were inside °C-ute, she proved many times that she was capable of becoming a big solo artist in the future. We met her on June 15, 3 days after °C-ute's disband, and asked her to tell us more about her feelings. 

3 days since °C-ute's disband

Q. It's been 3 days since the group's disband. How did you spend the next morning, and yesterday ?
The next morning, I slept until noon, to try to forget the day before (laughs) But as soon as I woke up, I wanted to give everything I could to my family who encouraged me for 15 years. My little brother wasn't here because he had a golf training, but I went to eat with my parents and my aunt, and I spent some time with them. After that, I wrote my blog entry.

Q. Your last blog entry is filled with feelings.
If you compare it to Yajima's one... Hers was like a college graduation paper (laughs) 

Q. And about yesterday ?
I had a photoshoot for "Ray" since the morning.

Q. You're also doing a photoshoot for "Ray" today. In a way, it's like you're back in your normal life. Do you really realize the group has disbanded ? 
Maybe not yet. Today, our LINE group was still active, we sent each other funny vids from our workplaces. The maximum time we spent without each other was 3 days. From tomorrow, we'll go on a graduation trip together. I believe that after this week, 3 days will pass and I'll go like "Oh, it's been awhile I haven't seen them".
Yesterday, when Ray's staff made me a surprise and brought me a cake with "Good job inside °C-ute" written on it, I slowly started to think "Ah, it's over". While listening to the group's songs, I'm like "Ah, I won't be able to sing them in live". 

The promise the members did when they graduated...

Q. What did you plan with the other members from now on ?
We promised to meet on September 10. It's written in our diaries. Then we also talked about going to summer festival together. We don't really feel sad at the moment. 

Q. Your last live ended on 21:10P.M. (9:10 °C-ute). Could you tell us what you felt at that moment ? 
No matter how the live would go, we decided on a setlist so it ends at 21:10. We thought about "We'll leave the stage at 9:09 and a few seconds" or something. While watching the big screen in the backstages, we couldn't stop saying "There's only one minute left !". We started to cry when the messages dropped on the screen. 

The reason why their last song was "Tadoritsuita Onna Senshi"

Q. The last song you sang was "Tadoritsuita Onna Senshi" a capella. In the second verse, there are some lyrics telling "I'd like the 'me' from tomorrow to be even cooler than who I am today / I embrace with my whole heart the reality I see with my eyes right now". How do you see yourself in one month, 6 months, or even a year ? 
Personally, I see the next 6 months as a challenge for myself. Now that °C-ute disbanded, I'm alone, and there are many things I have to learn now. I want to improve my knowledge and capacities. 

Q. Who thought about singing this song a cappella?
It wasn't planned at all at first, we decided to sing it last minute, basing on the live's ambiance. It's a song Tsunku♂-san wrote for us for our first Nippon Budokan live. As we sang it that day, we thought we'll never get the chance to sing it again, but thinking of it, it's a really important song that was given to us when we realized our dream, and we thought that if we were singing it now, the lyrics would have a whole new meaning. We think its sharing a big message from Tsunku♂-san that made us evolve, and that's why we chose to end the live with this track. 

To become "invincible" alone...

Q. Inside °C-ute, you had very good times but also hard ones, which is why the last line of your last blog entry "On stage with °C-ute, I felt invincible" is very moving. Would you like to become invicible alone too ? 
During plays at school, I always had the secondary characters' roles. They'd put a paper star on my forehead or in my hand so I can play the shooting star behind the main character, or I was playing the fox following the main character... I really never liked to be put at the frond, and I couldn't do anything good. °C-ute was the only place I could keep my head up without feeling embarrassed. 
We went through a lot of things, and I ended up thinking we were invincible. Until the end, I thought that all of these things we experienced made us who we are today. So I didn't really think about becoming invicible alone yet. I want people to think that Suzuki Airi is impressive, and if I don't grow up after this disband that it makes no sense. That's why I wanna do my best. 

The big success of "Airimania" impacts my family...

Q. Seems like your book "Airimania" is a big success.
I'm really glad I was offered to release a style book at that moment. I didn't really think a lot of people would care, so the only thing I have to say is : I'm so happy, thank you so much ! 

Q. How does your family react to it ?
This time, it's a more mature style book that talks about everything I did as an Idol until now, and about everything I wanna be in the future. Concerning fans, they're loving the pics taken for this book, and says the interview really moved them. About my family, I was happy a lot of them told me they really understood what motivated me in my activities up until now. 

Q. We see a picture of your family in this book, and it had a certain impact...
My family's reactions are all funny ! My mother said "That means everyone will get to see my face now ? It's so embarrassing...". I told her "No, don't worry !", but at the Saitama Super Arena live, female fans aksed her "Are you Airi's mother ?!" (laughs) They told her "Thanks to giving birth to Airi". My mother told me about it and said "That was very embarrassing" but she seemed rather happy about it. (laughs)

Worried about her Instagram debut...

Q. Talking about °C-ute's disband, there's also your debut on Instagram. You're somebody with a lot of female fans so the reactions are amazing. I was surprised by your number of posts.
I still don't know anything about it yet, but I try many techniques. Like putting the hashtags everywhere for example (laughs) I also learn how to take good pictures thanks to some applications recommended by "fashionable" people. 

Q. How do you think you'll use Instagram when you'll have your own solo blog  ?
As there are times where I need a longer space to put my feelings out, I'll do it on my blog. I'll use Instagram to share things or infos I found, or that I want to share quickly. As Instagram is an application mainly used by girls, I think I'll use it to share some girly stuff too.

Q. Are there any accounts you love to look at ?
My beloved senpai TAKAHASHI Ai's one, or WATANABE Naomi's one. Also, I did a photoshoot with Saito-san from Trendy Angel yesterday, so we're following each other now (laughs) When I asked him "Can I follow you ?" he said "I'll do it too !". He's a very nice person. I think Instagram is definitely a first step into that unknown world.

I wanna become 'that' kind of singer ! 

Q. You'd like to be a singer while staying a model. What kind of singer would you like to be ?
I was encouraged by the many people who told me they'd want me to keep singing. I thought I should do it. But I want to be like no one else before. I'd like to become somebody that's not comparable to others. I don't want to waste what I learned as an Idol, and everything I learned will actually be useful in the future. I want to fully develop my capacities so I can stand alone on stage. 

Q. We're looking forward to your first solo concert.
I wonder if people will come... (laughs) But it's one of my goal ! I think that making fans come to a solo concert would be the best proof of love I can give them.

Q. Your mother's going to get harassed again (laughs)
It's true (laughs)

A message to the fans !

Q. Do you have any message you'd like to tell the fans ?
I'm so grateful to you all for supporting me for 12 years inside °C-ute and 15 years inside Hello! Project. I was able to give my best performance as Airi from °C-ute and I'd like you to keep that memory in your heart forever. Not many time has passed since I became the soloist Suzuki Airi, and I know that well, so I cherish all of team °C-ute's words of courage and will do my best to move forward alone, keep growing, so you can be proud of being my fan. Look forward to the grown up Airi !