Mar 13, 2018

(2018) Airi Suzuki 24th birthday project

Hello everyone!

Let's make Airi happy this year too by sending her a lot of love.
Since the fansite has become international I really hope more people will participate so please share this post/the fansite's social medias profiles posts.

As usual, you can send letters, drawings, gifts, but please read the rules carefully before asking any question.
For people who've never participated: Airi and the former °C-ute members knows about these projects and were usually very happy receiving these, you can check out the feedback on the Fansite projects & contests page.

a/ letters
- You can send letters in japanese, french or english (I will translate them to japanese). As every year, please know that I won't share any of the personal stories/details you tell Airi in your letters even though I translate them.
- You can handwrite them and scan them and send them to me (I'll print them) or just send me a message and I'll do the stuff.
- Please do not put personal details such as your full name (name or nickname is good), address, social networks username, links to your blogs/social networks, they will be erased by the staff anyway.
- Please do not ask for an answer back, Airi unfortunately cannot reply to you personally.
- You can add pictures/drawings separately, I'll also print and join them with your letter.
- No maximum lenght, I'll translate it anyway!

b/ drawings
- Same as the letters, don't put your personal details on it.
- You can send the file to me through a link if you want me to print it in better quality (I know they're usually compressed when sent through Facebook/Twitter).

c/ gifts
If you want to send more than a letter you can.
- They must be sent to my personal address which I'll give you if you're sure you want to send a gift.
- As usual I'll take pictures when I receive your package/when I put it inside the Airi box so you're sure I don't take any gift that was intended for her.
- No food, no expensive items such as perfume, dear jewelry, no flowers.
- You must pay for the shipping to my address in France, and I don't hold myself responsible for any lost package.
- No maximum size/weight. The biggest stuff I received was a 130cmx72cm drawing in an original frame so, really, feel free to send anything.
- Also be careful to send it early so it reaches me before the deadline!

- I'm not asking for any financial participation from you. The various fees to buy the messages album/printing expenses and shipping fees are all on me! (my pleasure)

The deadling is APRIL 5, 2018.
You can send everything on the fansite's Facebook page:

Or by mail at:

If you have more questions please use these two above or Twitter (but please don't send DMs because I'm never checking Twitter DMs!)

Mar 11, 2018

(PHOTOBOOK) Airi Suzuki - Airi-aL Translation (Part 11)

The Suzuki family

As you know, he's a pro golfer. His greatest strenght is his seriousness, so much that it's written on Wikipedia (laughs) We share the same environment as we both have work where we appear in front of people, perform in front of others, so there are a lot of part of him I admire. He also taught me that day-to-day practice and efforts was important. I intend to continue to work hard, not to harm his reputation.

She's a perfect woman to me. I believe she's a genius, but she's also a hardworker. She's looking at things from a lot of points of views and she gives an unconditionnal love to her family, more than to herself. She gives me so much, to the point I wonder if I'll ever be able to give it back to her. My dream is to be like her in the future, and to be a person that supports her mom the best that she can.

Little brother
He's a really good child!! Supporting me since he's a small boy and even though we cannot spend much time in family because of my job, he has never complained. Right now, he's found his own dream (t/n Airi's little brother, Takayuki, also wants to become a professional golfer like his father. He's now playing golf at university and often trains with his father.) and I want him to do his best for it. From now on, I want my parents to feel "Airi is okay now" so the whole family can concentrate on supporting him.