translation : Airi Suzuki "I was scared to death after °C-ute's disband" (GirlsWalker)

TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION's official media "girlswalker" is having a web feature called "TGC model's BIRTHDAY" in which they introduces the background of TGC models. On April 12, 2021, they shared an article about Airi Suzuki, asking her many questions about herself and her background. It doesn't contain any new pictures, but it's interesting and I hope you'll enjoy it.


Q. Where were you born and where did you grow up ?
I was born in Gifu prefecture, but raised in Chiba.

Q. What kind of child were  you ?
I was a child who sang a lot from an early age. My father is a professional golfer, so when he went to watch a game, I would hold a microphone in the middle of the club and say, "Everyone, please enjoy Ai-chan's live !" before holding some kind of live performance. 
My mother said that when she was busy with my little brother, I often told her "You can just cook me rice with natto !". Did I understood that rice and natto were easy to do as a child ? (see "letter from mom") By the way, I still like natto so much that I eat it every day.

Q. Could you tell us about any unusual incidents or a fun episode from your chilhood ?
When we were living in Gifu, there was a time I switched on the fire alarm of the whole building. I don't know if that was because I was attracted by switches, but anyway I couldn't stop myself from pushing buttons as soon as I saw one. I took the small chair of the living room to climb up to switch the alarm. My mother told me that when she found me, I showed her a very large smile. (see "Airi Suzuki's 18 years old history").

Q. Please tell us about your family structure and some memories from childhood.
We're 4 - father, mother, my little brother and me. In the past, we used to travel to the Tohoku region or Sapporo. I love cold places, so it was a lot of fun. We haven't been able to go on a family trip in a while, so I'd like to go when the situation has calmed down.


Q. What made you enter the entertainment world ?
I passed the Hello! Project Kids Audition in 2002. I've loved singing since I was little, so I went to a music school for three years, and auditioned when I graduated.

Q. What was your first job ?
I don't remember at all ! I wonder if it was a shooting or a rehearsal... But the audition itself was broadcasted in a program called Hello! Morning, so if I think about it now, that was my first job ! (laughs) I wonder if we had an interview that day... I don't remember at all !
By the way, my first appearance on TV was when I was a lesson student way before my audition. I appeared on Music Station as a back dancer for EE JUMP. I remember it so vividly ! Because my front tooth was missing and they did a close-up on me (laughs)

Airi Suzuki performing as a backdancer for EE JUMP

Q. Tell us more about the turning points that changed your life significantly.
At 8 years old, I passed the audition. Everything started from here. I've been in the entertainment world more than half of my life. I never imagined it would've continued like this, but that decision at that moment has become a very important turning point.

At 13, there was  °C-ute and Buono!'s major debuts. I started working in both groups from then. I had many encounters and discovered a lot, but it was pretty hard every day. I didn't even realize the years passing by, back then. I belonged in two groups, and I was the idol who had the most handshake events in a year. I'm so grateful to my mother for supporting me all along.

At 23, I graduated from college, experienced °C-ute's disband and Buono!'s last live. Everything I've accumulated so far would end in the first half of the year. The second half, I prepared a lot for my comeback, and had a lot of activities underwater. For the first time, I didn't go on stage for 6 months and I was scared to death, but returning to my parents' house and spending ordinary Saturdays and Sundays with my family made me became "a human" again and regain my selfishness in a good way.

Q. Are there any people you met who have changed your outlook on life (or even your life) ?
My current chief manager. We had some quarrels because he's somebody who says things frankly, which no one has ever told me before (laughs) Besides, my whole team are the one who always push my back, so I really want to give it back to them through my activities. When I lose confidence and look back, I remember they were always here, so I do my best to always look forward !

Q. What do you value in your work and what are your policies?
I want to be the kind of person that the people I work with want to see again. No matter how wonderful the project is, no matter how nice my make-up and my clothes are, if the atmosphere is awful, everything is ruined. Even if it's work, it's an important day in your life. I try to create an atmosphere that will make everyone enjoy and have a wonderful day.

Q. Have you ever made a major mistake or error in your work? What was it about? How do you overcome such situations?
Even if people around me don't feel it's a mistake, there are many things I've done I consider big mistakes. When I first experience something, the severity varies, but basically I always feel down once. But, then I realize that there are still so many things I haven't experienced yet, so even more things I can try out ! I am trying to improve myself by turning these thoughts into positive ones.


Q. What are your goals for this year ?
Stay myself and do what I can do, steadily. But instead of maintaining the status quo, I want to keep on improving every day little by little. I want to make it such a year.

Q. Are there any new challenges you want to take on (or are currently taking on) ?
I want to try Pilates! I've only done it myself at home, so I'd like to try it for real!

Q. Is there any part of yourself that you think needs to improve ?

I haven't cured that bad habit of falling asleep on the couch while thinking "I have to do this !"... I can't tell you how many times I've experienced falling asleep on my sofa this year. It's unhealthy, and bad ! (laughs)

Q. If you were to give yourself a birthday present, what would you choose?
For the first time last year, I bought a lotion that was around 3000yen, and that was my birthday present to myself. Since then, I've become more interested in skincare and have been working more in the beauty industry, so I'd like to buy something that will help me improve my skills... I wonder what I should buy... (laughs)

Q. What do you think is important in order to "become pretty" and "stay pretty"?
I wish I knew ! But I think your face shows your personality and life as it is, so I think it's about living a happy and honest life every day ! It's also important to look at yourself objectively. Surprisingly, you'll see your expression is different now than it was three months ago!

Q. Where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years?
At 32 or 37 ?! It's coming sooner than I had imagined. I wonder if I'll be married. Or maybe not? I don't know, but I'd like to live every day with a smile on my face, not only at work, but also as a woman. I want to be smiling all the time!


Q. What's your skincare ?
① Use Curél's spray on my face and body
② Dry my hair while using the Lululun precious face mask
③ Use IPSA or Acseine lotion
④ And finish with my beauty essence or cream that matches my skin condition of the day !
That's my default skincare !!

Q. Do you have any recommended places in Chiba ?
There are many roadside train stations in Chiba, and they're selling a lot of fresh vegetables and food of a size you've never seen, so I recommend it !

Q. Your secret to smiling ?
The corner of my mouth were down before ! But my aunt told me so since then I've trained to raise my mouth's corners. Right now, I laugh as I want, but sometimes I look in the mirror and check my muscles to see what kind of face I have while laughing (laughs) Like if I'm asymmetrical on the left and right. But when you can't really laugh, you don't have to force yourself to laugh. However, I believe that it is quite true that fortune comes to the ones laughing, and I have such experiences, so I am conscious of taking everything positive so that I and the people around me can laugh as much as possible. 

Q. What do you do to stay in shape?
Since I turned 25, I have been going through trials and errors. But no matter how busy I am, I always try to give myself a massage in the bath. 

Q. Do you have any movie recommendations?
Burlesque, Titanic.

Q. How do you spend your days off ?
Sleeping until I naturally wake up, or doing body maintenance (hairdresser and such) and other things that I have planned from morning till night.

Q. Please tell us your favorite cosmetics !
snidel beauty's primer. It's such a godly product I don't really want to tell people about it (laughs)

Q. The dishes you're good at cooking ?
Hamburgers, gingerbread, ratatouille, and lotus root kinpira.

Q. Is there anything you keep in mind when shooting for dramas or magazines?
Staying in shape, of course, but more than anything else, the staff comes in earlier and has more preparation to do than the celebrity, so I try to be in good spirits from the morning for them ! (laughs)

Q. Do you have any favorite artists?
back number, SPEED, BoA, FUNKY MONKEY BABYS, etc. have been in my Hall of Fame for long ago now, and lately I've been listening to Amber's, Blue Vintage, Dai Hirai, Yorushika...

Q. Is there any place you would like to go on a trip to when things settle down with corona ?
I want to go abroad as much as I can! I usually love to travel in Japan, and I prefer cold places to hot places, but right now I want to go abroad where I can feel a sense of freedom. Los Angeles or Hawaii!

Q. How do you get back on track when you feel depressed?
I call my mother and go to bed.

Q. What is the best birthday present you've ever received?
A handmade album that my mother gave me when I was 20.

Q. What are you addicted to these days?

Bath salts containing magnesium. I've been using it since my stylist gave it to me.

Q. Do you have any tips on how to improve your dancing?
Well, I'm not very good at it yet, so there's nothing I can teach you, but I would say to keep on studying. I think it's very important to take videos of yourself and watch them so that you can look at yourself objectively. You may find that you are completely different from what you think you are.

Q. How do you relieve stress?
Eat good food and sleep ! (I'm always sleeping).

Q. If you weren't doing your current job, what kind of job would you be doing?
My parents are professional golfers, so there might have been a possibility of a career in golf (laughs), but I think I would have chosen this path in the end.

Q. What is your motto ?
To be positive, to smile, to be grateful for the person I was three years ago, and work hard for the person I will be three years from now. That's it ! However, I believe that everyone is born with the same number of happiness, and it's just a matter of when and how much you use it. I try to live every day while thinking that the people who are smiling right now must have had a day when they felt troubled and worked hard to overcome it.

Q. What is your favorite type of man?
My favorite type of man has not changed since the old days: "Someone who is always working hard to achieve their dreams" and "Someone who eats delicious looking food" (lol).

Q. Do you have any message for your fans ?
Thank you for always supporting me. No matter what I'm doing, I'm always thinking about how I can bring a smile to your face tomorrow. There are days when I can't see you as often as I would like, but I'm happy if I can be of any help. On June 30, I will celebrate my 19th anniversary in this world and enter my 20th year. I'm going to keep on working hard to return the love I've received so far, so please make sure you receive it. I hope you'll keep on supporting me from now on, too !