(2022) Translation | After entering Hello! Project at 8 and overcoming many challenges, Airi Suzuki has found her own identity

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(2022) Translation | How Airi Suzuki can keep her "I can do it" spirit : "The more a job makes me think 'Why me ?', the more I get excited about it"

(2022) Translation : Airi Suzuki, 5 Years after going solo, soon becoming 30 "I'm really looking forward to it"

(2022) Translation : Airi Suzuki reveals the driving force behind her 20-year career in showbiz: 'I have never missed a day of work'.

(2022) Translation : Airi Suzuki - "The Budokan scenery is the No. 1 thing I'd like to show my children if I ever have some" Her thoughts before her debut 20th anniversary

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